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Meet TOCO, the Ghanaian-German Afropop Highlife band making waves



TOCO is a Ghanaian-German Afropop Highlife band which recently released ‘African Queen’ together with KK Fosu, after receiving support from german radio stations, MDR Sputnik and got placements in several international playlists on Spotify.

In just one year, TOCO has formed a loyal and organic fanbase in Ghana. Ghanaian Rapper Ypee and Highlife artist KK Fosu are supporting the band throughout their releases. TOCOs previous releases ‘SIKA’ was an amazing success in the Ghanaian community.

You can listen to ‘African Queen’ ft. KK Fosu here:

TOCO is an acronym from the names of the two artist Tonee & Corby. They started their musical journey together at the end of 2018 when they recorded a few songs together and felt that their styles complemented each other perfectly.

While Tonee played instruments in bands from Rock to Hip Hop in Germany at an early age and started his first own productions, Corby was involved in various music projects in Ghana and was able to develop his qualities as a singer and songwriter.

The band’s music stands for self-confidence, motivation, the struggle and all the comforts of life that we all go through. Corby’s soft Afropop voice and Tonee’s edgy rock voice blend together perfectly on a foundation of tight urban pop beats mixed with Afrobeat and Reggaeton.

The two are constantly working on promotion and marketing strategy which includes upcoming live gigs, several collaborations with international artists and two EP´s within the next 12 months.

TOCO will releasing its next single and music video ‘Love Is A Jungle’  on 8th of May.

OCO is on Social Media: