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Menaye Donkor New African Woman magazine cover sparks racial discrimination



Following a the editor of New African Woman magazine’s post on the magazine’s facebook page in reply to a comment that Milan-based Ghanaian model and philanthropist, Menaye Donkor  does  not look African enough to be on the cover of the magazine, a debate on racial discrimination has started amongst readers of the magazine. The editor wrote: Black Girls Shouldn’t Look Pretty: on our new issue we have a true born and bred African beauty, Ghanaian Menaye Donkor, a true embodiment of beauty with a purpose. We are therefore vexed with msg from an editor of another magazine suggesting African girls shouldn’t be this beautiful. We post here in part and in sic their beef “Hello Regina …to tell u the truth …it (the cover) is not representative to black beauty African beauty, the major criticism we have is that the girl don t look like black African girls too perfect and white, I FIND IT not very nice… putting perfect looking girls in front of covers!” Menaye who was shocked by the statement from the other editor, and an opinion also shared by some reader of the New African Woman Magazine has released a statement to address the issue. She comments: “I am surprised to hear such ignorant remarks in this modern world that we live in. I thought people were much more educated and not so shallow minded to generalize and make such comments. My question then sums up to: What African is? And How an African should look? I am a true African woman born and raised in Ghana by Ghanaian parents and amazing Ghanaian heritage. I therefore cannot understand why the colour of my skin would make me less of a good role model for other African women. It doesn’t matter how dark or light my skin is, I’m proud of my culture and I am proud to be representing Africa.  Are we forgetting there are 54 countries in Africa and not all the people are dark skinned as it varies across the continent with some populations naturally darker than others? The focus here should not be the colour of one’s skin or how they look but rather how we as Africans can unite to build a stronger future for our children.”  ]]>



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