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Men’s Athleisure: Mixing Style and Functionality



With so many people working from home, the need for a professional dress code has gone by the wayside. Athleisure has made a big comeback in the last year thanks to the style’s all-day versatility. You can wear the same outfit to the office, for Zoom meetings, for running errands, or for enjoying a lazy day.

What is athleisure?



Athleisure combines an active lifestyle with everyday wear to create casual hybrid clothing. Lightweight, durable athletic fabrics are combined with casual streetwear, resulting in the comfort, mobility, and sweat-wicking of workout clothes and the style of casual wear. This style isn’t to be confused with techwear. Techwear focuses on utility over style and has functional features, specialized pockets, hidden vents, and taped seams.

There are three components to the perfect athleisure style.



There are three components to building the perfect athletic-meets-functional style. Active-wear fashion is made of flexible performance fabrics such as spandex, polyester, and nylon. These fabrics are comfortable, easier to move in, and are moisture-wicking. They also don’t wrinkle or crease easily.


Workout clothes are usually loose and baggy, which quickly looks sloppy. Athleisure style is all about creating a streamlined silhouette with well-fitted clothing. Casual wear should shape and flatter your body to create a well-groomed, put-together look. Functionality is key when combining activewear and casual wear. Drawstrings, zippers, elastic waistbands, and pockets add practicality and comfort to your ensemble.


Sweatpants are great casual pants to wear at home when you need warmth, but they’re not the most stylish choice for the outdoors. The Quintessential Man offers advice on selecting a versatile pant with a tailored fit that can be worn both at home and on the go. The best joggers for men have a tailored fit with a tapered leg, elastic waistband, and quality fabric. A cuffed hem that fits comfortably on the ankle creates a casual yet sleek look. Joggers come in a range of colors and styles including pinstripes, denim, and dark wool. Joggers offer a modern take on classic sweatpants by blending style with functionality.

How do you build the perfect athleisure style?



Developing a sense of style is all about looking smart and put together. High-quality pieces made of durable yet comfortable fabrics make your style look intentional rather than sloppy. Slim-cut tees, sweatshirts, fleece pullovers, and technical shirts all emphasize your figure and create fitted silhouettes. Whether you opt for sweatpants, joggers, or athletic shorts as your bottoms, always choose slim fits with tapered legs to ensure you don’t look baggy.


SOMA features a great collection of pajama pants, loungewear, and luxury pajama bottoms for lazy day comfort. Their perfect fit bottoms are made of comfortable fabrics like soft cotton and french terry and come in a range of colors and styles. You can pair the perfect pajamas with comfortable slippers and underwear for the ultimate at-home style. You can enjoy free shipping and free returns on all orders, and take advantage of discounts at checkout when you use your email address.


The right footwear is a great way to add personalization and your own sense of style. Sneakers offer casual comfort and an athletic look while canvas low tops create a more relaxed look. You can pull together your look with an outerwear jacket, hoodie, or zip-up. Layering is a great way to add complexity to your look. You can pair a fitted sweatshirt with a track jacket or a leather jacket with a fleece crew. Mixing styles is a great way to create your own sense of style and functionality.

When it comes to mixing style and functionality, it’s all about combining a tailored fit with practicality using durable fabrics that keep you comfortable and stylish.


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