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Menu Bar Organizer for Macbook

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Menu Bar Organizer for Macbook

Organized chaos very well could be your element, but having to look for something important in a pile of symbols might feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. To save your time and nerves, you can rearrange the icons for quick navigation on your Macbook!


How to make your Mac menu bar organized

A messy stockpile of little images that pops up on the menu regularly can confuse the Macbook users very easily. There’s so much going on the screen already, and when the new items emerge on the surface, it gets even tougher to manage them all equally and effectively for the less experienced owners of Mac products. By all means, there are gifted millennials who know where everything is and how to gain access to apps quickly. Same can’t be said about the more experienced people who are only getting around the hi-tech and need some time to adjust to the development of electronics, understand their complicated nature.


Individuals who are used to strict discipline and want to discover every little detail about the things they own are not a rare type in our society, and it’s understandable why the owners of the devices would like to have more control over their belongings. It’s their right, wish, vision. There’s no reason to shy away from the fact that you want to keep it all simple and make the playing field clear for yourself, it only should be encouraged! We all have our own, unique needs when it comes to handling the process of engaging with convoluted structures. If you are a type of person that appreciates clarity, directness, and transparency – you need to systemize your menu bar!


A full menu bar can overload the system sensor wise, but that is not the main issue of having a crowded line of badges on your screen. The biggest problem a jam-packed bar carries in itself is having no shortcut to the things you really need. The notifications of secondary importance can replace essential icons and force you to look for the subject of your interest somewhere else. It’s not an ideal scenario, as in a perfect digital world you need to keep all the fundamentals in a reach of your finger. When extras overshadow and hinder the left side of the menu bar, you just have to interfere!

Apps that will Clear It Up

There are three main options when it comes to enabling a user to hide the third-party icons in a temporary folder or tray. Hiding, disguising, masking or completely getting rid of some icons can be achieved without additional software, but this helpful trio will keep it smooth things out for you. You can have it all under one umbrella! Even the heavily protected Notification Center is not safe when you deal with it with one of the apps mentioned below!

  • Broomstick
  • Barsoom
  • Bartender


Not only you can hide the symbols you are getting bored of with the help of those apps, but you can also lay them into a second lane which can be approached way quicker than the advanced settings on your apparatus. That will save you lots of time! Instead of going to preferences and giving out “birds” or checkmarks to bring the icons back on the screen, you can just call them up in a matter of seconds, from a much cleaner looking pool. That is a great spot to store rarely used but somewhat important apps.

Pressing the “Command Key” is one way of sorting things out, but that route requires a lot of unnecessary hustle. Having Bartender for Mac will serve you right, resulting in a comfortable business handling on Macbook. Those apps are your assistants, your phonemaids. They keep it clear not because you are not able to do it yourself, but because you want to dedicate some of your precious time on the bigger and better things.

Change positions, remove and add bars in line with your own taste. Unlike the bartenders in the usual drinking bars, Bartender for Mac will not shake anything up and won’t be responsible for the blue in your face. The apps like Broomstick and Barsoom would also cost you less than a servant of drinks, and a month-long trial could vanish all the doubts about the products and make you one hundred percent sure you have made the right choice. It’s a good deal for you and your family members!

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