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Miss Ghana finalists for health walk



This week, all twenty finalists of the Miss Ghana beauty contest took to Citizen Kofi Entertainment Centre to display wits and suave on the beauty with a purpose exercise.  After hours of grueling and thought provoking presentations from the girls, the judges had very little to complain about as all, exhibited enough talent and proved why they merit being in the finals.

One after the other, the girls gave a fairly-okay account of themselves and left no tiny detail unexplored. From sketches that bordered on well-known topics such as health, education and everyday happenings, it became evidently clear that they had prepared adequately for their respective tasks days before making it to Citizen Kofi.

Coming on the heels of a fashion show organized last weekend, the Beauty with a Purpose show was a complete success. An offshoot idea of the Miss World beauty pageant and formerly known as Miss World Scholarship), the segment celebrates the contestant with the most relevant and important charity project.

Meanwhile, all twenty finalists will on Saturday go on a sponsored health organized by Pippa’s Health Centre. The walk will start off at the Ring Road Central branch of Pippa’s and end at the Champs Sports Bar.