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Miss Ghana vs. Miss Malaika: who got the poise right?



Miss Ghana[/caption] Arguably Miss Ghana and Miss Malaika Ghana are the two most prestigious beauty contests in Ghana, and as both pageants undergo a transformation in their ongoing seasons, the battle for supremacy has become keener this year. I have been seeing contestants from both competitions at several outdoor events and I ask myself which show has the prettiest contestants this year? Since the subject of beauty is often subjective I looked to another common criterion for beauty contests, which is poise. The contestants in both pageants have been taken through various grooming lessons to prepare them to become elegant young women. So I ask, which set of contestants have picked up the most striking composure? Check out these random shots from the Guinness VIP launch party. [caption id="attachment_16533" align="alignleft" width="631"] Miss Malaika[/caption]  ]]>

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