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Miss Malaika 2013 God Sisters get competitive



malaika pic 1Miss Malaika 2013 competition this year from all indication will not only be a competition between the delegates but also the God sisters. The God sisters are bringing their A game on to make sure that their group or delegates come up tops as they are not only eyeing the ultimate crown but also the 1st and 2nd runner up spots respectively. All God sisters (Joselyn, Hamamat and Sandra) have started mentoring and grooming their delegates, giving them exposure and even sharing secrets on how to win the crown. The celebrity God sisters have spent time with their delegates and speculations has it that the God sisters are focusing on their strength and capitalizing on other God sister’s weakness to be a great plus for them. Fashionista Sandra Ankobia has taken her Queens group (Abigail,Yoda, Lois and Lordina) through fashion school thus by teaching them how to dress for right occasions with a class of decency. Sandra Ankobia having participated in beauty pageant and having a foresight for her delegates has taken them through beauty pageant grand finale questions and answer sections. She’s even gone a step further to hint them on some questions that are likely to be asked at this year’s Miss Malaika grand finale… can say that she had a vision or perhaps she’s a prophetess if all her questions gets to be asked at the grand finale. She told her delegates one way of selling yourself out there to the public is to be confident in one’s public speech as people love a confident queen who can capture their attention with the way she speaks and carries herself. The pretty face tv presenter and actress Joselyn Dumas has exposed her Team Joselyn group (Twumwaa, NaaOyoe, Priscilla and Selma) to a life of stardom by spending time with them at her tv series launch on Africa Magic. She’s also invited them to party with her and John Dumelo at Django (Rockstones Office) and also the Channel O news recording. She exposed them to stardom and celebrity status because after becoming Miss Malaika queens, the delegates stop living ordinary lives as the paparazzi will constantly be on them even if they sneeze or fall like she did so they need to know how to take all that in and still hold their heads up high. The life of model is always full with makeovers to suit a client’s needs and wants, Hamamat an international model and past queen of Miss Malaika having this in mind; treated her Ohemaa group (Aisha, Eugenia and Betty) to a makeover section which saw the delegates transforming into stunning damsels. She’s also shared her experience of being a Miss Malaika delegate and a queen by advising them not to be bothered at the girl next door to them but to focus on themselves. She’s schooled them on cat walking, sitting postures as queens and make up secrets. Hamamat has hinted that there are more surprises and things to pass on to her delegates as she’s been in their shoes before and can predict what will happen next in the competition. The competition has begun and the three God sisters are doing everything they can to groom these delegates into not only queens but also into celebrities who will probably take over from them. To find out which celebrity god sister’s delegate or group will emerge victorious, tune in to GhOne TV this and every Sunday at 8pm and watch the Miss Malaika reality series. Also log on Miss Malaika fanpage on facebook and get up-close with your favorite delegate.  Voting has began….text your favorite delegate’s name to 1757 across all networks. Miss Malaika is brought you by GhOne entertainment tv with support from Charter House Productions. Miss Malaika…..simply glamorous.]]>

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