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Miss Malaika Finalists Call For Peaceful Elections



This week the delegates for this year’s Miss Malaika@10 were tasked to come up with peace messages in their bid to spread the word about peaceful elections. The delegates were to record a one minute peace message but before the recording received professional tips from Nana Yaw a video director. The delegates were made to choose their own location with the help of the video director although the whole peace message video shoot was shot at the independence square. All delegates clothed in red, gold and green representing the national colours of Ghana in most of their messages called on the youth to contribute their quota in promoting peaceful elections. Others spoke about putting aside our political differences; tolerating each other political affiliations just to promote peace come December 2012 elections. Their peace messages could not resist the popular saying “united we stand, divided we fall” with one of the delegates displaying a bundle of broom as a sign of unity. Most of the delegates according to the director struggled with their lines but at the end of the day, it all came together as a wonderful peace messages. Their second task for this week was a photo shoot with shoes and bags from the newly launched Konfidence Collections. Each delegate was made to pick a bag and shoe that represents their personality and give a striking pose. Confidence who directed the photo shoot was no stranger to the delegates as they had already cat walked her collections on the day of the launch. Confidence helped the delegates to strike awkward poses with either a shoe or bag in attempt to sell the item and not just look pretty in front of the camera. The two tasks at the end of the day were judged by Eddie Seddoh the director of the popular ‘Things We Do For Love’, and Deborah Jane a professional photographer. The two judges were looking for creativity, catchy peace messages, well dressed, good delivery, confidence and pictures that will sell the shoe and bag and not the delegates. Some of the delegates pictures and peace messages did not get the attention of the judges, lacked confidence, lacked facial expression and most of them recited their lines however they did marvelously well on the two tasks and saw some potentials in the delegates even as script writers. The winner of the Miss Photogenic Contest will take home 1000GHC with the remaining delegates taking 100GHC and goodies from Konfidence collections. During the December elections, the best peace message by any of the delegates who wins this task will be aired on GHOne throughout the election time. Viewers have the power to vote for Miss Photogenic and best peace message. Their votes will be added to the judges scoring to come out with the winners of the two tasks. Viewers are to power their favorites to victory by texting her name to 1757 across all networks. The delegate with the highest votes gets an automatic top 5 spot at the grand finale and one step away from winning the 3C’s that’s the crown, car and the cash on October 27TH .]]>

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