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Miss Universe Ghana, Yayra Nego empowers students of Accra Girls High School



The reigning Miss Universe Ghana, Yayra Nego has visited Accra Girls High School to speak to students as part of a new project launched by the Miss Universe Ghana organization that seeks to empower young women across Ghana.

Miss Nego commented that Accra Girls High School was a perfect start to the campaign as it is an all-girls school and the school’s administration also bought into the concept of empowering the students.  She also added that the campaign also feeds in to the core values of her awareness group known as WAKE (Women Achieving Knowledge and Empowerment), and so she will basically integrate the programs already available in the awareness group into her interactions with young girls in the schools she visits.

During her interactions with the students, the beauty queen gave pointers on how to identify goals and the steps to ensure or check progress towards achieving such goals. She encouraged the young girls to be bold and confident in their approach to academics and all other pursuits. She also took the students through her journey into the Miss Universe Ghana contest and the Miss Universe international pageant.

She answered questions from the students after presenting her speech. Upon the request of the students, Miss Nego gave grooming tips on how to  the girls should look and present themselves as ladies; including tips on how to walk gracefully in public; how to dress, and even how to sit in public. The students also asked the beauty queen for lessons on how to do the catwalk and she delightfully obliged. “It was an awesome experience interacting with the girls.  They were very receptive and they wanted to learn so much. They asked so many questions and it was a really great experience for me,” comments Yayra.

The Head Prefect of the school commented that she had learnt a lot from the interaction: “It was so exciting to have Miss Universe Ghana in our school, and I learnt so much.  I learnt a lot on self-confidence and that, you have to make a to-do-list of what you want to do in future and each time you look at it you have to be confident that you can achieve what you want in the future “.

According to the Miss Universe Ghana, plans are ongoing to have similar interactions with other female students in other schools across Ghana; and she would also revisit Accra Girls High School to find out the impact of her interaction on the students.  She also hinted that she is open to do other charities and also work on an HIV/AIDs campaign that is very dear to her heart.[ad#ad program long]