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From model to serial enterprise, Dr. Ibukun Jegede out lines his winning attitude to business



Dr. Ibukun Jegede Dr. Ibukun Jegede[/caption] Dr. Ibukun Jegede is a multi-award winning Serial Entrepreneur, the Founder and Group CEO of Aniibol Group, a conglomerate in Nigeria and the United Kingdom. The companies’ incudes Aniibol Consulting, Aniibol Training Institute, Aniibol Agro Allied Services, Aniibol Engineering and Construction, Aniibol IT Solutions, Aniibol Properties and Aniibol Haulage and Logistics. He serves as a board member in some organizations which includes Cimarvalexim Nigeria Limited amongst many. Dr Ibukun Jegede was a former successful supermodel and He is a UK politician and a member of Nottingham East Constituency, Labour Party. The serial Entrepreneur has received 65 accolades for his hardwork.  He was listed as one of the Top Outstanding Young Persons in Nigeria by the Junior Chambers International. Dr Ibukun Jegede also received a national honorary accolade as one of the top 100 Outstanding and Most Influential Nigerians who have lived in the UK over the past 100 years at the Nigerian Centenary Awards UK. He also received an honorary accolade in Abuja as one of Nigeria’s Goodwill Ambassadors.   Company  Website: Can you tell us what inspired you to quit a successful modeling career to run a conglomerate? I had a big vision beyond modelling. As a hardworking, well-educated and passionate workaholic, I had the opportunity to dine with successful European and African Entrepreneurs at an early age of my life. I learnt so much from them and out of curiosity I asked lot of questions on how they became successful. I got inspired and they motivated me after my master’s degree to start up a business at the age of 24. That was where my inspiration came from. We all know the business world isn’t rosy. What have been your challenges? You are absolutely right. I passed through and I am still passing through lot of challenges. It is normal. At the early stage of the business, there were lot of challenges involved. Breaking through into the market as a startup business was difficult. We needed to gain a ground in our various industries. We had to evaluate the markets and came up with strategies that would be beneficial to us in the long run. The business economy as well can be exasperating but consistency is key. How did you secure funds to setup your businesses? I started small. I didn’t seek any bank loan. All the funding came from savings during my modeling days. Im blessed with setting my priorities right and spending my money wisely. I didn’t spend my money on things that are not valuable or things that depreciate to impress people. How does Aniibol standout from your competitors? Our customer service, the way we handle our projects, time delivery of our project and our prices. We deliver an outstanding service which is cost effective and affordable.  How do you relate with your staff? I do not see myself as a Boss but a Leader. I use a democratic leadership style and brainstorm with the team regularly however I am very stringent when necessary. How do you relax? The blunt truth is I’m always working but I try to take time off to go to the gym and relax with some business associates. I also enjoy praying with passionate Christian which gives me inner peace of mind and assurance the future is bright. What are your future plans? I will keep growing the business and seek more opportunities in the nearest future.  ]]>