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#ModestFashion: 4 Ghanaian Hijabi fashion influencers to follow for style inspiration



As hijab fashion has become more widespread, the hijabi blogosphere has exploded! Here are four Ghanaian Muslim ladies proving to us “Hijabis” can cover up and still look fashionable.

Modesty as a movement is making huge strides in helping women of all style aesthetics find innovative ways to express themselves within the guidelines of hijab.

Whether you want to follow them for modest fashion inspiration, because you love seeing other hijabis doing big things, or because it helps you gain confidence in how you wear hijab and live your best life — hijabi and modest fashion influencers are a mainstay of the social media scene.

Often times, when dressing modestly, the very thing that comes to mind is too “simple and boring.” However, times have changed, and modest fashion is becoming mainstream with so many different chic and classy options to choose from.

Today, we’re putting the spotlight on four Ghanaian ladies setting the trend for hijabi fashion styles in the country and beyond. With huge followings on social media, these ladies are proving to us that, you can always cover up and still slay.

1. Ms. Sheilla Yakubu

Ms. Sheilla Yakubu, (@_under__cover) is a modest fashion model from the Upper West Region. She also into Events Planning/Decor/Styling and manages hijabi fashion and lifestyle blog, UNDERCOVER 702.

Sheilla’s style is unique, edgy, street, chic and most importantly modest.



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Mood swings . . . #meday#everydayme#wednesday

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Don’t be too quick to judge others, You never know what battles they are fighting. • • • Outfit @mod.hq #

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2. Hamdiya Hamid

Ms. Hamdiya Hamid, (@mss.deee)  is a modest style enthusiast, beauty & lifestyle content creator and happens to be one of the first two hijabis to ever contest in the Miss Malaika beauty pageant. Her eclectic looks infuse bold details with urban staples like long coats and chic trousers for a vibe that feels upscale and polished, yet unabashedly creative.

She was nominated for this year’s Glitz Style Awards in the ‘Fashion Blogger Of The Year’ category.


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Being a content creator is not an easy thing at all, after digging and searching for style inspo and ideas the next thing is hassling for locations which you have to be ready to listen to a few “no pictures allowed here” here and there before you finally get a non problematic spot and after getting all the lit pictures (not forgetting sometimes things don’t turn out as planned and you have to reshoot) you have to come up with good captions to be engaging as possible with your audience. If you thought blogging and content creation is all fun and games then you obviously know nothing 😃 Abaya x scarf: @ayidmahapparel #style #muslimah #hijabfashion #modestblogger #fashion #styleblogger #fashionblogger #mssdeee #ayidmahapparel #ayidmahchic #grwm #ootd #outfitideas #trends #photooftheday #accraghana #ghanaianstylebloggers

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3. 𝐖𝐮𝐧-𝐍𝐚𝐦 𝐀𝐧𝐝𝐚𝐧𝐢

Ms. Wun-Nam Andani (@blaq_muslimah)   doesn’t shy away from statement pieces, embracing a wide array of rich color, intricate texture and unique silhouettes. Her looks get their easygoing, chic vibe from minimal lines with plenty of drape in classic, muted hues.

Look to her for style inspiration that is big, bold and unapologetically fun.


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Pants from @hayaavogue

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4. Hajia Adiza Balafaila

Hajia Adiza Balafaila (@hajiaadizabalafaila) is Muslimah model, modest fashionista Influencer, entrepreneur, philanthropist and the CEO of Shamfizj Modeling House.

Hajia has an eclectic style, unconfined to any particular style “box.” Her looks exude serenity and simpicity, thanks to their relaxed silhouettes and soft color palettes, tied together with a few thoughtfully chosen accessories.


She also organized the first ever Modest Fashion Show in Ghana back in July and spoke to AmeyawTV on the red carpet of the 2019 Glitz Style Awards about the experience.