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Moesha blaming pioneer actors for setting a bad precedent is childish- Akorfa Edjeani



Over the weeks when veteran actor Kofi Adjorlolo unleashed a series of allegations about unpaid work by some seven directors, a lot of his colleagues put in their two cents on the situation. One of them was actress, Moesha Bodoung.

In an interview with Graphic Showbiz, Moesha claimed that unpaid services by directors to actors should be blamed on pioneer actors.

“…all the things coming out now is as a result of what those who came before us did. They were happy just being on the screens and did not see the need to be paid for their works,” she said.

“Today, they have realised the money is not coming so they are calling out producers. Because they did not see the need to take money for work done, producers also saw no need to pay and that has been the trend for so long,” she added.


Reacting to Moesha’s comment in an interview with Kasapa FM, veteran actress, Akorfa Edjeani has called Moesha childish for making such claims.

According to Ms Akofa, it is as a result of the hard work of veteran actors that paved the way for new actors like her to exist. Hence, they should be commended rather than blamed.

“After reading Moesha’s comment, blaming the pioneer actors for setting a bad precedent, I realised she was being childish. She didn’t know what she was saying,” she stated.

“If we didn’t pave the way, can she call herself an actress?” Akofa asked. “During our time, there was no industry, we had to sacrifice. Sometimes you’re not paid for your services. I used to walk to rehearsals and back just so we can have something going on and build the industry. We sacrificed so much for this generation.


“In my era we had ethics and we love what we do. We have passion for what we do and the industry at heart. The current generation of actors are benefiting from our hard work so should be thanking us for that. I see some of this current generation of actors are only interested in receiving the status of fame and attention,” she added.