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Most Comprehensive Guide To Follow To Use Instagram Videos



When it comes to Instagram Video you have one choice to many from Stories, IGTV, Posts, Live, and more. This makes Instagram video one of the best tools for a marketer to use today to drive more followers and engagement.

The best thing about Instagram videos is that it has made possible for the small businesses with small budgets to use it for the most beneficial purposes. Breaking the shackles of videos from the companies with big budgets, small businesses now can enjoy the same benefits as their richer counterparts.

There are other significant reasons to create and use Instagram videos, though photo sharing still is the most important format on Instagram. The reasons that Instagram video is gaining more traction and a lot of popularity are found and shared by eMarketer. They suggest that:

  • Videos now outperform photos in terms of engagement and the number has increased by 53% in just about a year over the world
  • Videos gives the users a unique ability to share in-depth and complex stories that is nearly impossible to convey to the followers in a single image.

There are also several other good reasons to use Instagram videos. You can promote your products, build awareness around your campaign, or educate your users in a much better ways as videos provide the story-telling leeway more to the users as compared to the photos.

It is for this reason it is found in several researches that more than 81% of businesses all over the world use Instagram video as their powerful marketing tool. This trend is poised not to go anywhere in 2020 and beyond. Therefore, if you want to get Instagram followers then using Instagram videos could be your best option.

New video response option

There has been a lot of developments in the use of Instagram videos simply due to the improvements made in its features. Instagram is now testing a new video response option for IGTV. This new ‘Video Reactions’ option in testing will allow the IGTV creators to let the viewers to respond to their videos with videos of the viewers.

  • This new ‘Video Reactions’ option is built into the upload process of IGTV.
  • When this is activated, the viewers will be able to respond to a video with their own video.
  • This simply provides another useful way to increase engagement among the viewers.

This feature makes Instagram video a more relevant option adding to its utility and effectiveness when it comes to engagement.

New music sharing option

Instagram has also come up with a new music sharing option which will make the videos much more interesting and powerful. This is perhaps the best use of Facebook’s music licensing agreements. This new feature of Instagram Stories allows the users to share songs with their friends through the question sticker.

There will be a new music icon when the user uses the questions sticker. They and their friends can choose a song from the music library to share when each other responds. All you have to do is:

  • Open the viewer’s list
  • Look at all the options to view the responses
  • Tap on the play button and listen to the songs.

You will be able to capture the pictures and videos while sharing your favorites to your story while the music continues to play in the background. There is no doubt that this new option is far more engaging and interesting as users can show their music interests.

Downloading Instagram videos

Videos can come handy at any point of time on Instagram. It is for this reason you should download Instagram video to use it as and when required. However, you will need to know how and when to download an Instagram video or videos.

For example, when you are implementing Instagram marketing as a part of your social media marketing strategy, you may need to create a reference library of posts. This will come in handy when you wish to emulate for you as well as your team both.

In such situations, you may be able to download Instagram videos easily and directly via the platform. This is because there is no such button available that says ‘click here to download.’ This means that you will need to know at least something about source code.

On the other hand, the easiest way to download Instagram videos is by using a third-party tool. You will find a lot of free programs out there that are specially designed simply for this specific purpose.

However, when you download Instagram videos just remember two important things:

  • Respect the privacy rules and never upload an Instagram video that is not yours and
  • Make sure that you check the copyrights so that you do not infringe on it and face legal issues with the video owner.

Be very specific and ethical and do not claim credit for those things that does not belong to you or are your creation.

The issues related

In spite of the benefits of Instagram videos, there is a significant issue that you should keep in mind related to the camera and video option. These options seem to go away simply when you press on the + button. This will leave you only with two options to pick from. These are:

  • Your camera roll and
  • Yourvarious albums.

There seems to be no logical explanations as to why this thing happens on Instagram. The camera roil comes by default instead of the camera. In addition to that, there is also no bar below it that will give you an option to go to the camera or video.

Therefore, you are left with only one option: to pick from different camera roll albums however, that gives rise to another issue. It will not allow you to take any pictures or videos using the story camera.

In spite of all these, it is expected that there are more updates coming up in terms of IGTV content monetization. This will provide the creators with more incentive to post on this platform.