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Most popular online slot types



The Constant Increase of Mobile Casinos in UK

The days of just one slot type are truly very far behind us, as the modern day slots industry has been determined in its pursuit of multiple different types of games, something that has succeeded in attracting millions of gamblers to spin those reels. Where once upon a time the only slot available to gamblers was Charles D. Fey’s Liberty Bell machine, nowadays there are quite literally thousands to choose from! 

Much of this is down to the online slot explosion of the 21st century, a medium that enabled developers to quickly create new types of slots for a range of different gamblers. With online slots software developers are free to create various variations on a theme, and it has resulted in the online slots uk industry flowering into something really quite special. Read ahead for some of the most popular online slot types.

Modern 5 reel online slots 

Online slot developers quite quickly settled on a universal formula for their games, with most modern slots adopting the 5 reel grid matrix as seen in popular hits such as The Codfather and Centurion. Alongside the 5 reels are usually 3 rows, and anywhere in between 10 and 50 pay lines – the new classic, basically. 

The good thing about modern 5 reel online slots is that they can differ quite dramatically whilst still keeping the same base mechanics. So, whilst the grid matrix can look the same on the vast majority of online slots, the bonus features and other aspects will be madly different. 

Classic style online slots 

For the first few years of the online slot industry’s existence it seemed as though developers were trying to distance themselves from the classic casino theme, attempting to create an entirely new aesthetic. However, these days almost all developers have a classic online slot range that takes inspiration from the world of traditional casino. 

Lots of online slot gamblers probably got fed up of the relentless wave of new online slots with wacky and complex themes, preferring a nostalgic trip back to the golden age of casino entertainment. Classic style online slots are also a lot simpler than their more modern counterparts, making them perfect for beginners.

Cluster pay online slots 

For the entirety of the previous century slots have worked in the same way: line up icons across pay lines in order to make wins. However, recently some online slot developers have been experimenting with new ways in which their games can work, and the cluster pay mechanism is one of the most popular. 

Instead of lining up wins across pay lines, the cluster pay mechanism allows for gamblers to make wins out of a cluster of icons, much like in popular mobile games such as Candy Crush. It makes for a slightly more unique reel spinning experience if you are bored of the status quo. 

Progressive jackpot online slots

Progressive jackpot online slots are where the big jackpot hunters go when they are looking for a win, as it is these games that regularly offer the biggest prizes by a long way. A progressive jackpot is one that increases with every losing spin, and online progressive jackpot slots are usually linked with thousands of other games, making for routinely gargantuan prizes.



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