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Mr Eazi sets up creative hub in Accra



Global Afrobeats-sensation, Mr Eazi has revealed that he is setting up a creative hub in Accra that would help boost creative enterprise in Ghana.

The hub would house a number of facilities that will empower young and established artists to conveniently create their art under world-class conditions.

Mr Eazi said in an interview with Ameyaw TV: “I am actually setting up a creative hub in Accra. Where people can go to record music, where people can go make videos, where people can go to express their creativity or just watch a concert.”

He also highlighted some of the benefits of his Empawa Foundation. “If we have more creative entrepreneurs, you’d have more jobs created for people and that’s what the emPawa Foundation does. We’re trying to raise 6 million so that, for the next 6 years, the program (emPawa Africa) continues,” he said.

Mr Eazi added: “We give label services to independent artist. If you are an artist who doesn’t have a label, you come to us and we help you to distribute and market your music everywhere in the world. We would help make sure that as you are producing music, you are able to monetize.  What we get in return is, we take 20% as your partners.  We are able to provide funding because we are in the best position to provide funding. A bank won’t be able to give a loan to an artist because they don’t even know how an artists can make money.”

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emPawa Africa isa hybrid charity and investment program which plans to equip Africa’s most promising artists with the tools, knowledge, network, and investment so they subsequently become independent music entrepreneurs.

Following a successful launch earlier this year, emPawa Africa’s accelerator program reopened for entries last month. This time, 30 African artists will be selected to receive a non-repayable grant to fund their first pro-quality music video, as well as mentorship, marketing services, and other support to launch their international recording career.


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