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Call for 80% Ghanaian music on radio and TV is trivial says Mr Logic



80% Ghanaian music on radio is Trivial says Mr Logic 80% Ghanaian music on radio is Trivial says Mr Logic[/caption] Emmanuel Barnes, popularly known as Mr logic, has said that the call for playing 80% of Ghanaian music on air  is trivial. He was speaking to Sammy Flex on Showbiz Agenda. Sammy Flex asked if Mr Logic agrees to calls for Ghanian radio and TV to play 80 percent local music in lieu of foreign music. Mr Logic said: “Ghanaian’s  are talking because of what happened in Nigeria , and it is wrong to use what happened in Nigeria as a yard stick to measure how many percentage of Ghanaian songs are played on radio. He ( Mr Logic) then said no body can give you the percentage of Ghanaian songs played currently or before if you ask, it really trivia, to have a code or ratio of how many Ghanaian songs are played. Mr Logic re-echoed that  musicians should work on  their song writing and produce good production”. There is an audio below to listen to the full conversation. [youtube]]]>


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