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Mr Magic promises to hit Ghana Music scene with a bang!



mr magicTalented Nigerian singer, Mr Magic has promised to hit Ghana with a new and magical musical experience. Mr Magic’s songs are full of words that entertain, educate, and motivate listeners – giving one’s ear and soul a pleasurable feel. Signed to SABIBOY Entertainment, Mr Magic was born in the southern part Nigeria, in Delta state; he experienced the life in Lagos, Port Harcourt and in the Delta state because of the nature of his parent’s job.  MR MAGIC also lived part of his life in South Africa and based on his diverse backgrounds, he is well equipped to tell the true story about Africa and the people who live in it. With songs such as Higher, Got to Go, Juana, I Dey Feel Myself and Screen Saver which featured Ghana Music Award-winning vocalist, Kesse and NaturalFace,  Mr Magic still promises to drop continuous hits to his people and the people across the world. According to his manager, Bigstizee, Mr Magic is a multi-talented artist that is why his record label (SABIBOY) IS investing so much on him. And it’s not just because of the financial benefits but he believes there is so much he has to offer to the people of Ghana and the world at large. He also added there are more quality songs that Mr Magic. is currently working on in the studio  with other big names in the Ghana music industry, so we should expect to see and hear more from him because he is about to storm the Ghanaian  music industry with a big bang.]]>