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Ms. Gloria Akuffo is single and searching at age 64

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Ms. Gloria Akuffo is single and searching at age 64


It’s never too late to find love, and Attorney General (AG) of the Supreme Court of Ghana, Ms Gloria Akuffo at age 64, is still hoping that she will find the love of her life.

Ms. Akuffo, who was the guest on Personality Profile with Lexis Bill on Joy, revealed that she is very single and actively searching for a man.

“Who said if I got somebody I won’t marry today? I have not found the person yet. I am still looking. Maybe I have not been found and I have not found,” she told Lexis Bill.

When asked to give some characteristics of her ideal man, Ms. Akuffo said:

“a friend that I can be Gloria with. I can be angry I can laugh and a true friend you can sit with and inspite of whatever differences you will have into the future you can look back and laugh together and walk your old age together.”

Madam Gloria Akuffo was recently in the news after she revealed she had her two kids with “people’s husbands”.

However, adding to that, she stated that if she was faced with that situation today, she wouldn’t have done it.

“You know my background. I was born into a big home and at that age, you really didn’t think there was anything. But seriously, maybe I wouldn’t have done it today. ”You grow up not really seeing something wrong with having a relationship with someone’s [husband].”, she added.

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