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Multi-platinum producer, Coptic cautions websites on illegal use of his works



US based Ghanaian music producer Coptic, has cautioned music websites that are encroaching on his rightful creative property, in a letter which warns such websites to desist from making his music available for free downloads on their platforms. Coptic has effectively emailed some of the offending websites, after noticing that his works that were posted on some websites with permission were illegally acquired by other sites and offered for free downloads.  A portion of the letter reads “You have effectively stolen my months of dedication and hard work in mere days and are now offering it to others as a free download. This letter shall serve as a written warning.” Coptic inferred that in an era when other artist in other countries are using the availability of these downloadable platforms to reap millions, some websites with an excuse of helping the Ghanaian creative industry keep robbing artists off millions of cedis without considering the amount of investment and hard work these artist put in making the music. The producer further registered his displeasure in a portion of the letter that read “It is unlawful and disrespectful that you would TAKE my creativity, without permission and use it. I am a producer/businessman and must protect my and the artists that I work with creative license.” Coptic with his years of music business experience believes the importance of promoting artists’ music online but would prefer if artist are respected and paid their dues. It appears the letter that has began as a warning can develop into penalties if the sites involved do not take the necessary action as the letter directs. He concludes: “The next step after this written warning would be a seist and desist letter that would TELL you to take my music down or face specific penalties. I do not want to name the websites involved in the violation, they know who they are. If you have my music on your site for free download, please remove it immediately whether I have contacted you or not”.]]>



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