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The Housemates have spoken – and Munya and Sheila are up for eviction from M-Net’s Big Brother All Stars this week after Monday’s nominations. Munya has now been up for eviction for four consecutive weeks – twice as a ‘save & replace’ candidate and twice by straight nomination.  Once all the nominations were in, Munya […]



BIG BROTHER AFRICA THE EYE REVEALEDThe Housemates have spoken – and Munya and Sheila are up for eviction from M-Net’s Big Brother All Stars this week after Monday’s nominations.
Munya has now been up for eviction for four consecutive weeks – twice as a ‘save & replace’ candidate and twice by straight nomination. 

Once all the nominations were in, Munya and Code were in line for eviction on Sunday, but Jennifer used her Head of House powers to save Code and replace him with Sheila. Co-incidentally, this is the first week that the Head of House has not been up for eviction themselves.

After Big Brother made the announcement, Jennifer headed to the Diary Room to make her decision. She had initially nominated Munya and Sheila and after making the choice to save Code, she paused before naming Sheila in his place.

The nominations had begun early, as Big Brother summoned the sleepy housemates to the Diary Room to make their decisions.

· Head of House Jennifer was up first, giving her usual reasons: “Nothing personal – it’s just a game”. She initially named Sheila and Uti as her nominees, but changed her mind and put Munya up instead of Uti. She made it clear that she would never nominate her friends Paloma, Kaone and Code.

· Uti decided he was nominating Paloma and Code this week because they have not been put up for eviction before.

· Kaone named Jennifer, as Head of House, and Meryl.

· Meryl also nominated Code, because she finds him boring. “All he does is walk around, play the guitar or read. He doesn’t know what to do with himself. I’m sorry but I’m being honest,” she said. Her second nomination went to Paloma, complaining that she likes to take over everything and that people can’t be themselves around her.

· Mwisho nominated Kaone, because the Motswana had saved himself and replaced himself with Meryl last week. He also nominated Code for a common reason – he had not been up for eviction before.

· Code picked Sheila and Uti – the former because he thinks she is nice but he’s not sure if they’re friends and the latter for just about the same reason, adding that he didn’t like how aggressive the Nigerian was.

· Paloma named “strong competitor” Mwisho and “survivor” Munya.

· Munya used his usual geographical basis for nominations, picking Kenya and Nigeria – Sheila and Uti.

· The Barnmates also got to have their say, with Yacob summoned to the Diary Room first. He nominated Munya because the Zimbabwean had nominated him and used a “bad excuse” and Code because he had said that he wasn’t sure if he trusted the Ethiopian, while Yacob had felt that they were friends.

· Lerato nominated Munya because he “annoys” her. She said she wanted to see if he would “dodge the bullet” again and that she wanted to see him in The Barn. She also nominated Jennifer.

· Hannington also chose Munya, because he had been “acting like a fool” and had upset Jennifer, who he claimed as “my girl”. Odd, then, that his next nomination was for Jennifer – because she could save herself.

· Tatiana nominated Uti and Mwisho, stating that they are both strong contenders and were “playing good”.

“It’s tough at the top,” complained Munya after Big Brother read out the nominees. He and fellow nominee Code started singing “Why u wanna kill the youth in me?” before the Zimbabwean headed to the garden for an urgent cigarette to calm his nerves.

Yacob woke up with a lot to say after entering The Barn on Sunday night. He skipped the morning exercise, saying he wasn’t ‘psychologically ready’ yet, but once he was out of bed, he launched into a lengthy rant about all things All Stars. He told Lerato he felt that Munya is “a lame punk” and revealed how he had already prepared himself for the flight home as well as the exit interviews he was going to give as soon as he stepped out of the house – not anticipating Big Brother’s Barn twist.

After letting him ramble on for almost an hour, Lerato told him how no one had forced him to sign up to be a part of the show. Yacob had no answer but continued with his rant and even took it inside during a conversation with Hannington and Tatiana. Tatiana told him the same thing and said he shouldn’t think too much.

During his Diary Session, Big Brother asked the Ethiopian how he was feeling – Yacob seemed sad and told Big Brother that he has a lot on his mind even though he’s still a part of the game. He was disappointed to find himself in The Barn as he had been expecting to see “the outside world”. He told Big Brother he didn’t see the point of being sent to The Barn if he had been evicted by Africa, as he had tested the continent and clearly failed!

Tatiana walked into her Diary Session with a spring in her step. When Big Brother asked her how she was feeling she said that she was “back to Tatiana”. When asked about her new Barnmate, she said it was good to hear news from the house as the new evictees gave the Barnmates insight into the goings-on in the house.


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Great Expectations for Blox Fruits Script as 2023 Nears



Picture 1 4

Millions of blox fruits scripts have been downloaded in 2022. Thousands of gamers have played blox fruits in 2022. It is considered one of the best Roblox games. To enhance the gameplay experience of any game, a script is needed.

According to a well-known developer of blox fruits scripts, 2022 was a great year and he expects 2023 to be even greater as far as developing scripts is concerned.

It has been an amazing year for downloads and installations of blox fruits scripts. With every script that is installed, the developer’s popularity increases, boosting their earnings potential. Read this article to know more about this game.

2023 Holds Potential

Some people have made the best of 2022 while others have regrets. Irrespective of the case, 2023 is a brand new year for everyone and it holds plenty of potential. It is a year that people should approach with a lot of optimism and planning. Success will not be achieved at any level unless it has been carefully planned for.

A Better Version

In 2023, there will be better versions of blox fruits scripts. Developers are always working around the clock to make their scripts better. There is no room for laziness.

With every passing year, there is the expectation that an application will become better. 2023 scripts will be far much better than the past versions. They will have new features, modes, and other aspects.

Improved versions have fewer bugs. Most players complain of buggy software. Thus, removing as many bugs as possible should be the focus of developers. No software in the world doesn’t have bugs.

Increased Users

Users of blox fruits scripts are expected to increase in 2023 going forward. The download figures for 2022 were great and they shocked many industry pundits. In 2023, downloads will reach a whole new level. There is expected to be an increased user base.

With the growth that is predicted, developers need to be prepared physically and mentally. It might mean that they work more hours to keep the software functioning optimally. Preparing server space is also essential. More users will translate into the need for increased server space.

New Features

The highlight of the year will be the new features introduced by script developers. Players are constantly searching for the latest features. In any given year, they expect the introduction of unique features that have never been seen before.

Roblox players are very demanding and they expect new features every year. Some features help to improve performancewhile others improve the gameplay experience. Performance is a vital aspect and it determines the quality of a game. A game with poor performance will eventually be shunned.

Developers & Players are Looking Forward to 2023

In the world of gaming, 2023 is a year that many gamers and developers look forward to. Many developments are likely to unravel in 2023. Therefore, the expectations are at an all-time high. People want the current year to end for them to see what the future holds. According to experts, the future looks bright for blox fruits scripts.

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Don’t Miss These World Sporting Events on Your Round the World Trip



Round the World Trip

Everyone ought to travel the world. It’s a great way to build new relationships and experience different cultures. Furthermore, people travel to visit unique attractions and attend events. Sporting events are known to attract enthusiasts from all over the world. People travel across continents to support their favourite teams and enjoy the experience of watching a live game. Catch these four iconic world sporting events on your round-the-world trip.

The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is an iconic event that attracts one of the largest audiences on screen and in person. It’s an annual event that involves the final playoff game in the National Football League. The winner is crowned the league champion and awarded the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

The event has always been held on the first Sunday of February. However, from 2022, it’s been scheduled for the second Sunday of the month. Glendale, Arizona will host the 2023 Super Bowl as Las Vegas, Nevada takes over for the 2024 playoff.

The Super Bowl attracts many sponsors, and the organisers always try to outdo themselves. Special attention is given to the half-time show, which has become an iconic part of the playoff games. The show involves live performances from celebrities in the music industry. Special ads also premiere during the event, and many brands take advantage of the large audience.

If you are planning a Super Bowl trip, it’s best to do it in advance. It’s one of America’s most anticipated sporting events, and travelling gets crazy as the day draws near. Nonetheless, planning ensures you enjoy and make the most of your trip.

The Rugby World Cup

Every four years, twenty national teams meet for the Rugby World Cup tournament. It’s the 3rd largest sporting event in the world and attracts audiences from across the globe. The tournament runs for seven weeks and involves forty matches held at different venues in the host country.

The next Rugby World Cup is set to kick off in September 2023 on French turf. Furthermore, France has set aside nine venues for the matches and is keen to shutter all previous attendance records. Therefore, it’s going to be the biggest Rugby World Cup yet.

Although it’s months away, you can book your trip now. Advance booking is excellent for planning purposes and saving. You can book everything from your flight to the hotel accommodation. Moreover, take advantage of the trip to visit the Eiffel Tower, the Palace of Versailles, and the Louvre Museum. You can also explore iconic restaurants in the country.

The UEFA Champions League Final

The top European clubs compete yearly in the Champions League Tournament to determine the best football club. The tournament attracts thirty-two teams; however, the final always receives the most attention.

The next UEFA Champions League Final is set for June 2023 at the Ataturk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul, Turkey. The match is expected to attract over 70,000 live fans from across the world.

Since Turkey is a renowned tourist destination, a trip to see the Champions League Final should have a busy itinerary. The country hosts some of the most iconic buildings, like the Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace. The cities of Istanbul and Antalya also have unique attractions.

Therefore, if you are going for the Champions League final, plan early. Over 70,000 people are set to attend the final; therefore, you don’t want to be caught in the chaos.

ICC World Cup

India will be the host of the 2023 ICC World Cup. The cricket-crazed country will host the tournament solo for the first time. As a result, it’s going to be the biggest cricket event.

Fans will also be treated to the unique Indian hospitality that includes fine dining and expansive temples and palace tours. The country is home to over 1 billion people; therefore, planning is important to avoid getting lost in the masses.

Sporting events are a great excuse to travel the world. They offer a unique experience and bring different foreigners into one place. Nonetheless, you must book your trip with the right team to enjoy the experience.

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SENYA! In Her Own Lane



SENYA! In Her Own Lane


Just like everyone else, I am a human being who bleeds, cries, laughs, and makes mistakes. Sometimes I am very shy when meeting new people. Understanding how human I am reduces the pressure that was once placed on me and by those around me. I am a lover of love, life, flowers, music, art, fashion, creation and food. I value integrity, spirituality, creativity, forgiveness, and entrepreneurship/enterprise. I am Senya because I have learned to accept all of me—the good, the bad, the ugly, and everything in-between.

What kind of artistic mark do you wish to leave on the world?

As a musical artist I intend to create music that others can relate to, vibe to, dance to, and chill with. I have come to realize that these things can’t be planned, they kind of just happen. I can create a song that “I think” others will like, and in the end they end up liking the one I least expected. It’s truly funny to me when I think about it, and it helps me to understand the spirit of music. The spirit of music can be very unpredictable at times and very unassuming. If continuously chosen by the spirit of music, I intend to make music that is everlasting because real art never dies.

What inspires you ?

Inspiration is everywhere. It’s in the air that we breathe, it’s in the cycle of the moon, the brightness of the sun, and it’s in the laughter of our loved ones. I am inspired by everything around me, and everything inside of me. My meandering thoughts inspire me, the sadness of my yesterdays inspire me, and the pains of my growth inspire me. I am inspired by everything.

Who are your musical inspirations?

My musical inspirations are wide ranging. The list starts with the heartfelt emotions of Brenda Fassie, the passion of Michael Jackson, the unmatched work ethic of Beyoncé. It goes on to the out of the box expression of Doja Cat, the Savageness of Rihanna, the precise calculations of Jay-z, to the unbothered climactic build-up of Jon Bellion. My inspirations were there for me musically when I didn’t know how to express myself verbally. And my list is forever growing.

Do you think people see you to be weird?

Ha! I’ve arrived at a place where I do not have the time to care if people think I am this or that. Healing has taught me to look into myself, to build intimacy with myself, because that is when true authenticity is developed. The real question should be do I think I am weird ? And the answer is yes.  For in the end, I am what I say I am.


Photographed by Oseiamoah Studios

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Ayoba awarded as Top Innovative Product



Ayoba awarded as Top Innovative Product

MTN’s Ayoba App has been recognized as the Top Innovative Technology and Telecom Product of the Year at the National Communications Awards.

The award recognizes Ayoba as an innovative product which provides its customers with access to free messaging, music, games, channel content, access to use Mobile Money Services and other micro-apps at no data cost to all MTN users. Ayoba is a super app developed in Africa to connect people on a value basis and leverages African Identity to provide unique content to all its customers. Ayoba currently has about 2.1 million monthly active users in Ghana alone and has reached over 10 million in the rest of Africa.

At the event, CEO of MTN Ghana, Selorm Adadevoh was awarded as one of the top thirty Transformational Technology Leaders in Africa who has shown excellence in leadership and performance within the technology space whilst Dario Bianchi, the Chief Digital Officer of MTN Ghana was also named the Telecom Digital Business Leader of the Year.

Commenting on the awards, Selorm Adadevoh thanked the organizers for the honour and recognition given to the company. He said “This is yet another feat for MTN, I dedicate this award to our staff and customers for believing in the MTN dream, for accepting our innovations and working with us to build world class solutions along our 2025 digital agenda. Thank you for your support and loyalty to the MTN brand.”

The National Communications Awards is a high-impact digitization and communication event set to recognize digitization across all sectors, including the Private Sector, Public Sector, Banking, FinTech, Telecoms, ICT, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Health and all other sectors involved in digitization.

The objective of this year’s award event was to bring together players in the communications industry, championing digitization and national development in Ghana.

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Hilemzi Foundation to feed 500 needy children on January 7



Hilemzi Foundation
“Help others without any reason and give without the expectation of receiving anything in return.” – Roy T. Bennett

Hilemzi Foundation is set to embark on another “Feed The Street Needy 2023”, a project which seeks to feed 500 needy children in selected localities within Ghana on Saturday, January 7, 2023.

The issue of streetism is very pathetic, to say the least. The ugly truth of some Ghanaian children who sleep on our streets, in front of shops, homes, and even in disgusting places in our environments cannot go unnoticed. Problems of rural-urban migration, broken homes, and poverty spearhead the causes of streetism in Ghana today, that’s why Hilemzi Foundation is here to support.

One of the foundation’s wishes is, no children are to be seen on the streets, hustling under the scorching sun with all the risks involved, not knowing what the outcome of the day would be.

Hilemzi Foundation believes given the right opportunity, these children who find themselves on the streets would make better choices and make a better living. With a long-term project of building a training center to house some of these street children in time to come, by making them feel wanted and important to the country.

Hilemzi Foundation believes in making the country a better place. Where else do we start, if not starving a child who has to run after cars with his merchandise just so he can afford a single meal. Although the long-term goal is to gradually reduce or eradicate streetism with support from government agencies and international bodies. The foundation wants to start by making the street children know that they matter and that they are cared for especially in the country.

This year’s edition seeks to feed over five hundred (500) children in selected localities within Ghana and also assure them of advocating for streetism to be abolished in the country. Also, to provide them with some items and interact with them, to encourage and make them feel loved.

The foundation has targeted an amount of ten thousand Ghana cedis (ghc10,000.00) for this year’s project.

Hilemzi Foundation is appealing to and calling on individuals, non-governmental organizations, corporate institutions, and all Ghanaians to sponsor or partner with them to make a difference in the lives of these underprivileged ones who find themselves in such unfortunate circumstances.

To donate, kindly send your fund to this MTN mobile money number 0549752545 (Hilda Emeruwa Oluchi).

As much as GHc1 is no longer money trust me your Ghc1 is money to them and can still save a life (….it can still buy 2 sackets mineral water which when multiplied by 10 is equal to the value of a bag of mineral water) this is to say what you call little indeed still makes a mighty ocean as the saying goes.

So please donate to help Hilemzi Foundation again feed the street needy and make them believe that Matthew 6:25-34 will forever be yeah and Amen ( their maker who feeds the birds of the skies and grasses of the land without them worrying about what to eat the following day is still the same God who made a promise to them never to leave them hungry.

Follow Hilemzi Foundation on Instagram

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Scent of Africa launches Chapter 2 of its “Eternal Legends” Collection



Photo 1 Tanal Ghandour

Scent of Africa, a Fine Fragrance House, established by Ghandour Cosmetics Ltd., has released its second new luxury fragrance duo, Hagé (for men) and Laïka (for women), in an exclusive media event. This second out of three His and Her fragrance duos launched this year continues in the tradition of the Eternal Legends Collection, drawing inspiration from legends in African mythology, resources such as the Company’s production hub in Accra, indigenous ingredients from across the continent, and its extraordinary, patented bottle design.

The much-anticipated event MCed by The Stylish KOD, brought together media, influencers, bloggers, retailers, and the Scent of Africa team, in an interpretation of African identity, luxury, and modernity. The Event held at NsuomNam (Meat of the Sea), the most innovative pan-African seafood restaurant with their carefully curated menu by internationally celebrated Chef Mick Élysée, located in the heart of Accra, was vibrant and colourful, filled with the avant-garde millennial energy that the fragrance embodies. It also featured cocktails that incorporated some ingredients used in the making of the fragrance and live band music from the iconic artist Efya.product images hage laika 1

Hagé is a leathery scent created by renowned Perfumer Jordi Fernandez, evocative of its inspiration of Agé, the god of hunting, wild animals, and wide-open spaces revered by the Fon, also called Dahomey people found in Benin, Nigeria, and Togo. The key ingredients of the fragrance include Armoise and Cedarwood from Morocco and Geranium from Egypt. The fragrance’s personality is of a man with heightened senses and intuition who never lets go of his prey, a goal, or conquest. Hagé is worn like a sensory and sensual superpower leaving an irresistible, lasting trail.

Laïka is a floral fruity fragrance signed by international Perfumer Nathalie Cetto. The famous Swahili love song, Malaïka, lends the fragrance its theme. This feminine muse is as inspirational as an angel, adored and celebrated. She is an embodiment of pure light whose loving nature wins people over and garners respect through her wisdom. The sensory elements of Buchu from South Africa, Pomegranate, a bouquet of Roses and Orange Blossom from Morocco and Tunisia, and Vanilla from Madagascar allow fluidity and contrast between softness and energy. This perfume will surround its wearer from her crown like a halo and spread around her body like wings.

The new duo takes centre stage and glows from the light its predecessor shone. Ripples from the successful Chapter 1 release of the first duo, the woody, spicy scent of Rakh “The Winner” and the rich, fruity floral bouquet of Nefee “The Queen” signed by Master Perfumer Olivier Pescheux and Perfumer Delphine Lebeau respectively is still being felt. Ceremoniously launched on 6th March 2022, the duo was recognized in September 2022 with a bronze trophy in the “Perfumes and Fragrances” category at the #Pentawards2022 – the world’s leading and most prestigious packaging design competition hosted in London this year. Subsequently, in October 2022, Scent of Africa exhibited at the Tax-Free World Association (TFWA) World Conference and Exhibition 2022 in Cannes, France, introducing the duo to the duty-free and travel retail world. As the page turns on Chapter 1, it sets a riveting tone for the story to climax in Chapter 2. The third and last Chapter 3 in the collection is expected to be released in 2023.

Tanal Ghandour, Founder of Scent of Africa, said, “Scent of Africa celebrates the unity and diversity of the African continent while contributing to dispersing its beautiful culture throughout the world by showcasing the creativity and prowess of its people through high perfumery. Importantly, it also responds to the demand for personalization in an increasingly inclusive world where Beauty evolves by offering a brand infused with the soul and olfactory jewels of the African continent, made in Ghana for the world.”

As Africa’s culture advances in fashion, art, culinary, and entertainment industries, Scent of Africa contributes to this trend by distinguishing itself in the fine fragrance market with its unique purpose and messaging. As the fragrance blazes the trail of high perfumery, we see it already resonate with people of African descent and patrons of luxury perfumes worldwide looking for something phenomenal.

The Eternal Legends Eaux de Parfum Collection comes in 50ml and 10ml sizes. They can be found in luxury retail perfume shops in Ghana, such as Paris 2, Zino, Galaxxxy Perfumery, Aurora, and Dufry in Ghana’s Kotoka International Airport. To connect with the brand on digital platforms, visit its website and on social media (Instagram, Facebook & YouTube) via the handle @scentofafrica to learn about these fragrances rising out of Africa and diffusing across the continent and beyond.

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