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Munya or Tatiana? Who goes to the barn next!

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Munya or Tatiana? Who goes to the barn next!

Zimbabwe’s Munya and Angola’s Tatiana are up for eviction this week after Monday night’s nominations on M-Net’s Big Brother All Stars. Munya finds himself up for eviction for the second week in a row after Sheila saved herself and put him up for eviction in her place.

Head of House Sheila found herself up for eviction after receiving the bulk of nominations from her housemates, based on the fact that she could save herself.

·         Code nominated Yacob, because as he says “I can’t trust him and I can’t place him yet”. His second nomination went to Sheila.

·         Jennifer nominated Uti and Meryl because she feels they have formed an alliance, which concerns her.

·         Kaone nominated Sheila and Meryl – the former because she could save herself.

·         Meryl nominated Kaone because he “gets on my last nerve” and also because she feels he is judgmental.  She also nominated Tatiana because she considers her to be strong competition but pointed out that “it has nothing to do with Lerato, I just don’t want her around for too long”.

·         Munya kept his nominations going along the same lines he has stuck to every week – “strictly business”. He nominated Uti and Yacob, explaining “I’m starting from the top of Africa and moving down”.

·         Paloma nominated Sheila because she could save herself and Uti because she felt his jokes had gone overboard and he is hurting people “and this is getting out of hand”.

·         Mwisho nominated Tatiana because he thought everyone would be thinking along the same lines after both her Head of House decisions had seen the people she replaced herself, with evicted from the house.  He also named Kaone because “the game has shifted” – he feels he needs to pick a side and take a gamble and Kaone is not on the side he has picked.

·         Sheila nominated Kaone because she felt that they don’t really understand each other and then Tatiana because “I don’t want her making an example of me as she did with Lerato”.

·         Tatiana nominated Uti because she feels he is pushing people too hard and being hurtful and Sheila because she knows what the pressure feels like to have to save and replace as Head of House.

·         Uti nominated Tatiana because he feels she sounded pretty confident talking about being in the finals during Sunday night’s eviction show and he wants to see what Africa thinks. He then picked Kaone because he thinks he has “tried in so many ways to portray me as a bad Nigerian”.

·         Yacob said that he didn’t plan to be a part of any alliances this season after the complications of being part of the Smokers’ Alliance last season. He nominated Sheila because he plans to always nominate the Head of House, and Uti because he’s decided he will nominate a different person each week.

·         The Barnmates also had their say. Hannington nominated Tatiana as revenge, because “she took me out, and she took Lerato out”. He then nominated Sheila because she could save herself. “I just hope she makes a good decision,” he said.

·         Lerato nominated Tatiana hoping that “she will get a taste of what she is giving out” and Sheila, emphasizing that this was a purely strategic decision because she can save herself and “execute a mind-blowing plan.”

·         Sammi nominated Munya and Head of House Sheila.

Ameyaw Kissi Debrah, known professionally as Ameyaw Debrah, is a Ghanaian celebrity blogger, freelance journalist, and reporter.

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