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MUSIC REVIEW: “Conqueror” by ICGC Gospel Diva, Yvonne Asamoah-Tawiah, will certainly make you conquer the unconquerable



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Minister Yvonne, known as Yvonne Asamoah Tawiah — a supremely talented UK-based Ghanaian gospel singer, songwriter, and minister whose star may rise as quickly in Ghana as it is in the UK is rocking our gospel screens with a tantalizing spirit-engulfed gospel music. 

The gospel diva cum military woman currently works with the British Armed Forces as Human Resource Specialist.  She is a staunch member of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) UK.

Last year, she began releasing her maiden singles, comprising “Unchangeable God” which got listed on the UK Gospel Music Chart for weeks, and “Besuka” which infused the melodic sensibility of African pop with flashes of afrobeats and R. & B. which lends an extraordinary sweetness to the songs.   

In August 2020, her Besuka gospel video won the Best International Video of the year award organised by WWGMVA UK.

Minister Yvonne is reshaping the acceptance of Ghanaian gospel music across the world.  

Her latest, “Conqueror,” is yet another proof that she is fully prepared for the mandate ahead.

“Conqueror” is one of the best bodies of work Ghanaian music has seen in 2020. Released on 30th October 2020, and available on all the major digital streaming stores, the song makes room for empowerment as a key to survival in this era of COVID-19. 


Excellent song I must say!

The genre of the song is reggae. According to the Jamaican based Reggae Plus Radio, Gospel Reggae is the fastest growing segment of reggae music at the moment. It is therefore really homecoming of sorts for Minister Yvonne as songs like “Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego” by Justin Hind became a worldwide hit because it demonstrated a major Gospel influence. 

Content: The title of the song, “conqueror” is an intoxicating mash of mental revolution as it empowers listeners.  

The title “conqueror” according to the English Dictionary means one who subdues and brings into subjection or possession by force or by influence. In the strictest sense, it means one who conquers, vanquishes; a victor. 

With inspiration from Ephesians 6:10-17, Minister Yvonne uses the word “conqueror” to minister and tell the world that we are conquerors despite the challenges we are confronted with. The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked nations and economies. Individually, it has drained people financially, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. The song therefore offers the perfect prescription for people from all walks of life to conquer their fears in this era.

There is no way you would listen to this song without feeling you are a conqueror! You would instantly be mentally revolutionised and be pushed to accept yourself as a conqueror. This song from beginning to the end is spirit-filling especially that chorus part where she chants “among all conquerors oh…oh I am a conqueror”. I was lost in the spirit as I sat to review this song. 

Vocal Strength: From her two previous projects, “unchangeable” and “Besuka”, Yvonne has exhibited impressive vocal capacities in her delivery and live performances. I am not surprised at all her vocals on “conqueror” is faultless.  

Yvonne’s voice is honey-sweet without being saccharine, and the song is incredibly dreamy while still maintaining a strong rhythmic focus. Her notes are clean as she sings comfortably within her range. One characteristic that will certainly make the song a favourite for all is the witty kind of playful ad-libs to the inner fabric of the song’s DNA.

Song Arrangement:  The song comes in one verse. The pre-chorus “Lion of Judah He roars with power and might” was taken twice. The main chorus, “I am a conqueror” was taken twelve (12) times. The post-chorus predominated the song. The hook “Great I am, great is in me” was sung six (6) times while the bridge “You’re sovereign” came once. 

The lyrics are well arranged. The verse, chorus and the bridge relate to the entire theme of the song which is “conqueror”.  The lyrics of the song is simple to assimilate and in her honesty is a subject that cannot be over flawed. She keeps the message pretty simple and very easy to understand. 

In the verse, she exhorts us to be courageously “fitted in readiness” for every situation with the “shield of faith fearlessly” like a soldier because there is no more time to wait. She urges us to “Shout it out” by saying “I am a conqueror” if you believe you are one. 

Instrumentation/Production: The major instruments used to compose this song include drums, obviously to keep the timing and to maintain the integrity of the one drop beat. The natural sound of a milked piano with the keyboard adds freshness to the lyrics, making it a classic riddim. 

Additional instruments used are electric guitar and mellow strings, metronome, light percussions. It is a mid-tempo song laced with powerful vocals and rhythmic switch of instruments with backed up soothing harmony that works perfectly on “conqueror” song well – it is very interesting to the ears.

The rhythm is spirit filling, the melody is spirit filling, the lyrics are spirit filling, the video is spirit filling, the artiste is spirit filled, the backup singers are spirit filled; the entire song is spirit filling. 

The song producer, Samuel Ababio Yeboah of X-Tee Muzik Lab did a great job on this project.

“Conqueror” is a must-listen song and already looks a strong contender for Best Reggae and Gospel Song of the Year, locally and internationally.

I rate the song 90%.


The writer is with the Centre for National Culture, Kumasi.
He is a Creative Arts Director, Playwright & Critic.






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Lifting off to another stratosphere yet again, multi-platinum and six-time GRAMMY® Award-winning, genre-bending pioneers Black Eyed Peas reveal their music video for “BAILAR CONTIGO” [ft. Daddy Yankee]. Watch HERE. The track remains a standout from the group’s acclaimed ninth full-length album, ELEVATION, out now. Listen to ELEVATION HERE.

As the vision of and director noMSG, the video for “BAILAR CONTIGO” co-mingles eye-popping next-generation animation with masterful choreography, breakdancing, and performance footage of Black Eyed Peas and Puerto Rican superstar Daddy Yankee. The music video brings viewers into a whole new dimension aesthetically and once again finds the group breaking boundaries sonically, visually, and creatively as only they can.

“BAILAR CONTIGO” remains a fan favorite from ELEVATION, posting up close to 20 million streams and counting thus far, with the album tallying over 313 million streams to date. Released in late 2022, the 15-track juggernaut album kaleidoscopically spins together hip-hop, Latin, R&B, electronic, trap, and more into a larger-than-life vision of what pop can be in the 21st century without borders. It finds Black Eyed Peas expanding the collective musical consciousness and pushing boundaries yet again. The band set the stage for the ELEVATION era with the international smash “DON’T YOU WORRY” [ft. Shakira David Guetta], which has already accumulated more than 196 million Spotify streams and 160 million YouTube views of the music video. They then followed up with “SIMPLY THE BEST” [ft. Anitta El Alfa], which has generated more than 26 million Spotify streams and 49 million YouTube views of the music video. Along the way, the album received acclaim and attention from the likes of Billboard, NME, Forbes, Uproxx, and more, and performed on ABC network’s Good Morning America’s Summer Concert Series in Central Park, and The Late Late Show with James Corden.

It is ELEVATION season for Black Eyed Peas. Join them on the next level!

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DaMi and Thandi Marie Unveil New Collaboration ‘In The Night’




Nigerian musician DaMi has teamed up with Malawian songstress Thandi Marie on a new single titled “In The Night”. This latest track, which was produced by London-based Ian Holmes, was released on March 31, 2023, and promises to delight music lovers. (more…)

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‘Far Gone’ breaks through the Nigerian domination of Ghanaian music charts, thanks to Ground Up Chale’s innovative approach



IMG 6214

Ground Up Chale, the Ghanaian music incubator, has been making waves with their latest single, ‘Far Gone’, featuring Albabwoy and Kimati. The song’s success on the Ghana Apple Music charts, climbing to number 8, is a testament to the track’s quality and the artists’ dedication. Stream ‘Far Gone’ here:

Albabwoy, hailing from the streets of Chorkor in Accra, knows firsthand the challenges of pursuing a music career. In a place where getting your song played on the radio is daunting, Albabwoy’s rise to fame is a testament to his talent and determination. Kimati, from the Tema area, has also faced his share of challenges on the path to success, but his unique blend of Afrobeats and Hip-Hop has allowed him to carve out a space for himself in the crowded Ghanaian music scene.

Albabwoy and Kimati bring a powerful message of perseverance and determination to ‘Far Gone’. The song celebrates the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity and its success is a testament to the talent and hard work of the artists involved. One impressive factor contributing to the success of ‘Far Gone’ is the domination of Nigerian songs in the Ghanaian music charts. Despite this stiff competition, Ground Up Chale has managed to break through with its latest release, proving that Ghanaian music has plenty to offer the world.

Ground Up Chale’s commitment to promoting music, culture and streetwear has created a unique space that celebrates creativity and individuality. Their unorthodox approach to marketing emerging artists has allowed them to discover and promote exciting new talent across Africa. The success of ‘Far Gone’ on TikTok is a testament to the platform’s power in creating viral hits. However, it’s also a testament to the quality of the song itself. With its uplifting message and catchy beat, ‘Far Gone’ has captured the hearts and minds of fans across Ghana and beyond.

As the only Ghanaian sound in the top 10 of the Ghana Apple Music charts, ‘Far Gone’ is a true standout. It’s a testament to the talent and creativity of the team at Ground Up Chale and a sign of the exciting things to come from the company in the future. As they continue pushing boundaries and promoting emerging artists, we expect to see even more exciting releases from this dynamic and innovative company.


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Apple Music’s Africa Now Radio with Dadaboy Ehiz this Friday with with Lloyiso



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This Week’s Episode Features a Conversation With Lloyiso, the 5 Hottest Tracks of the Week, Africa Rising and Dadaboy Ehiz’s Favourite Track of the Week!

Tune in to Africa Now Radio with Dadaboy Ehiz this Friday, March 31st at 9a Lagos/London / 10a Johannesburg/Paris / 1a LA / 4a NYC on Apple Music 1 and broadcast on YFM Accra every Sunday at 2pm, YFM Kumasi on Saturdays at 3pm and YFM Takoradi on Saturdays at 6pm.

Cover Star Interview
South African soul singer-songwriter Lloyiso—Apple Music’s latest Africa Rising cover star—joins Dadaboy Ehiz via FaceTime on Apple Music 1 to talk about his latest track, “Give A Little Kindness.” He also discusses his debut EP, ‘Seasons,’ his gospel influences, and how he hopes to foster connections through music.

The Big 5
Dadaboy Ehiz shares the 5 hottest new African tracks of the moment. This week’s selection includes new tracks from Davido feat. Musa keys, Stonebwoy, Masauti, Mellow & Sleazy & feat. Leemckrazy, TyroneDee & TitoM, and Uncle Waffles, Tony Duardo & Justin99 feat. Pcee, Eeque & Chley.

Africa Rising 
Ugandan singer-songwriter and producer Joshua Baraka is the latest artist featured from Apple Music’s Africa Rising playlist, a campaign which shines a light on the next generation of African superstars, and this week’s show features his single, “NANA,” and  the Maya Amolo collab “Bend It (feat. La Soulchyld & TANGAZA).” Listen HERE.

Dadaboy’s Song of the Week
Each week, Dadaboy Ehiz chooses his favourite track from one of Apple Music’s African playlists. This week he spotlights Nigerian hip-hop star Odumodublvck and his single “Declan Rice,” from Apple Music’s Alté Cruise playlist. Listen HERE (and find a roundup of all Dadaboy’s selections on Apple Music’s Dadaboy’s Playlist, HERE).

Tune in and listen to the full episode this Friday, March 31st at 9a Lagos/London / 10a Johannesburg/Paris / 1a LA / 4a NYC on Apple Music 1 at and broadcast on and broadcast on YFM Accra every Sunday at 2pm, YFM Kumasi on Saturdays at 3pm and YFM Takoradi on Saturdays at 6pm.

Lloyiso Tells Apple Music About His EP, ‘Seasons’

Embed –

‘Seasons’ is about all the seasons of life, what we go through and what we feel whenever we go through something, and what we go through to get us to a place that is peaceful for us. ‘Seasons’ is all the way from winter to spring to autumn to summer, so it’s all the sadness and all the happiness.

Lloyiso Tells Apple Music About his Gospel Influences

Embed –

I feel like coming from a gospel background, and my family going to Church, and me singing in Church, really burned a fire inside of me to do music that is circular enough so the whole world can heal from it, or the whole world can hear it. To be honest, RnB and pop is the most circular music that will spread around all of the world, and I feel like with the voice I have, I would like everyone to hear me singing, I would like people to experience what others have experienced through my voice.

Lloyiso Tells Apple Music about the Energy of His Debut EP

Embed –

Big energy. There’s exciting songs, it’s songs that you can bump on your way out to the club – not inside, but maybe just 30 minutes before you go into the club. There’s songs that you listen to when you are alone in your bed, thinking about everything and you’re just trying to soak in everything and you want to cry to something. There’s music for when you’re with your person, you know? Spending that time, driving or down the beach, on a flight… It’s just a whole rollercoaster of feelings that people must be ready to feel, and just know that it’s all going to be intentional and genuine. It comes from a place that I felt and something that people feel all the time.

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Shexy Ayoz’s ‘Balance It’ is Afrobeats’ captivating new dance anthem



IMG 2902

The vibrant new song from Shexy Ayoz is one of the hot new songs to keep on rotation this month. Stream or download ‘Balance It’ across all major digital platforms here:

‘Balance It’ reveals its uniqueness in just thirty seconds. The opening rhythm that builds up to the sleek vocals of Shexy Ayoz is outright engrossing. It paints the image of a timeless Afobeats song whose effervescent melody will grab the attention of anyone almost immediately. This pull, coupled with the Nigerian singer-songwriter’s preferred language, lends some familiarity to ‘Balance It.’ So much so its enticingly delivered refrain: Balance it, balance it/I submit, I submit.. Balance it, balance it/Anoti for body yeh, will get listeners humming along nonstop.

In the words of Shexy Ayoz: “Balance It is an invitation to the dance floor. I want the ladies to rock to this banger all night every weekend because this is the next big jam out there”. There is a lot of sexual tension and energy locked in the singer’s vocals as they effortlessly work their way into ears to recount scenes from what comes off as an intimate encounter.

Since registering his arrival with 2020’s ‘Cinderella’, Shexy Ayoz has occasionally showcased his ability to create catchy songs. Shortly after doing wonders with his first song, the Afrobeats sensation rose to the occasion in 2021 and shared his first extended play, the 6-track “New Vibez” to establish his brand. The following year, the singer won over fans again with the sizzling ‘Jojo’ featuring fellow compatriot, Blaqbonez.




Instagram: shexyayoz
Twitter: @Iam_Shexy
Facebook: Shexy Ayoz

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Gibrilville, Is Set to Release a New Dancehall-Flavored Masterpiece Dubbed “Homicide.”



Homicide scaled

A true son of Ghanaian soil who recently returned home after years living in the USA, Gibrilville is generating buzz with his eclectic music that has been influenced by a vast array of cultures and lifestyles from all the places he has visited and lived. Not one to forget his roots, you can always expect that delectable taste of the Ghanaian sound and a flourishing afrobeat vibe in his hip-hop, reggae, and dancehall sounds. On the vocal front, Gibrilville has that voice that holds so much effortless power; – so rich, just like his African heritage, and it is little surprise he has been coined as the King of Melodies!

The musical world witnessed what he is capable of delivering with his emotional and soul-stirring performance in “Long Way,” a reggae-inspired masterpiece that has been an ear candy to listeners from all over the world, and especially Africa, due to the powerful liberating message behind those lyrics.

Gibrilville is currently working on his new album, which he is set to release soon and that promises to echo the culture, spirit, lifestyle, and beauty of Africa. Before then, he has a new single dubbed “Homicide” that he is set to release.

A dancehall-inspired masterpiece with that afro-cuban percussion flanked by reggae sensibilities, “Homicide” is set to rock the dance floor in every way. He seriously went rogue on those beats, to the benefit of the listener.

The bouncing wave, backed by his equally floating lyricism like some incarnated Wyclef, over some catchy hooks about how living his life should not be any concern of yours, is seriously going to move any listener and make them want to dance with carefree abandon.

“Homicide” is another sensational addition to his repertoire as he seeks to build one of the most impressive discographies in his eclectic musical genre.

The pre-order link for “Homicide” is now out, and you can get it by following his social handles, particularly his Instagram and website.

This is just the beginning of what is expected to be a trailblazing career for Gibrilville, the new African King!



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