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Redred how farRedRed, made up of Ghanaian musician and one half of the FOKN Bois M3NSA, and Budapest based producer and DJ ELO, celebrate the month of Ghana’s 59th Independence Day anniversary with their edgiest effort yet. How Far pushes boundaries in terms of sound, subject matter and it’s striking visuals. It’s certainly a very political song coming from an African dance electronic group but it’s not far fetched. Look through.

M3nsa’s catalog as a solo artist and with FOKN Bois and you’ll recognize there’s a theme here and this is no surprise. How far strikes at the core of Ghanaians and really forces them to assess the current political and social climate of the country and ask themselves “How Far?” What ELO brings in terms of production is a very unique sound that goes heavy on the 808’s allowing the song to pick up halfway through in a rallying tempo. A boundary pushing effort by the group “How Far” could be the ultimate soundtrack for the frustrated, patriotic Ghanaian.