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Mutombo Da Poet ends two-year hiatus with the release of ‘Head of State’, a poignant reflection on mental health



Mutombo Da Poet, a pioneer of spoken word in Ghana is officially back in the game after taking a two year hiatus from his craft. However he has had some performances at events outside of the country. Ghanaians haven’t seen or heard him on the airwaves during his break. He made mention that he needed some time off to reflect on life and also spend quality time with his new family.

The spoken word artist released ‘Give>Take’ last year, but he says his new one, titled ‘Head Off State’ is his first official release after his break. Mutombo Da Poet addresses mental health, something which Ghanaians hardly talk about, in this new release. He creatively incorporates how he and some of his family and friends battled depression in the past, whilst sending a subtle message out there, urging people to talk about what mental issues they are going through.

The video to this track is quite dark and gloomy with Mutombo Da Poet as the subject. The room in which the video was shot is very significant to the message being addressed since the four corners of the room have witnessed all the repulsions the artist had to go through during the period of his mental breakdown.

This song cements the testimony of how Mutombo uses his platform and talent as a social commentator who is always addressing issues that are relatable to him, and the people around.

You can stream Head Off State here –