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My B.A.R series was to prove that I am a rapper and not an “azonto” musician -E.L



Ghanaian rapper and producer Elom Adablah better known by his stage name E.L has revealed the reason why he ended his The BAR (Best African Rapper) mixtapes in 2018.

Speaking in an interview on Ameyaw TV, the rapper disclosed that the idea for the B.A.R series was never planned to be long term but only to serve a purpose of proving to Ghanaians that he was versatile as a rapper as much as a musician.

“B.A.R wasn’t a long term thing to begin with, It was more of just a mixtape to serve a certain purpose. The purpose was that the time I was dropping a lot of azonto songs, afrobeat songs, and people were beginning to forget the E.L was a rapper from my Skillions,” he stated.

On why it continued to the fifth series, the HIGHER hitmaker said: “Although it was a one-time concept, it seems the fans really enjoyed it so we ended up doing a second, a third one and before we realized we’ve done five. But all good things come to an end so we decided to end last year,”

Most of the beef we have are lyricism beef and not proper rap beef – E.L



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