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My baby daddy has “intentions of Marrying me- Yvonne Nelson

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My baby daddy has “intentions of Marrying me- Yvonne Nelson


Actress and C.E.O. of YN Productions, Yvonne Nelson, has revealed that her baby daddy, Jamie Roberts, has intentions of marrying her.

The actress who is on today’s edition of “Atuu” show on UTV revealed that even though marriage was not in the picture when she decided to have a baby with her baby daddy, he has intentions of putting a ring on her finger someday.

Yvonne was responding to questions about why she chose to have a baby before marriage.

Yvonne also added that if there was no future with her baby daddy, she wouldn’t have had a baby with him.

The “House of Gold” actress also revealed that she got engaged to someone she was dating on her 30th birthday but the love was no more so she ended.

Reacting to rumors about snatching her baby daddy from his wife, Yvonne stated that Jamie wasn’t married when they met.

Yvonne also shared a word of advice to the youth saying, “Social media will always make you wanting stuff, but going to school and adding value to yourself is way important”.

She also added that people shouldn’t be swayed by the kind of life styles celebrities portray on social media, because some of the pictures and videos are for projects that they are working on.

Yvonne Nelson is currently promoting her new movie, “Sin City” which will be premiered on 14th February, 2019.

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