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My “Do The Dance” song is popular than me- Singer Eddie Khae



eddie khae

eddie khae

Has there ever been a case where a song is popular than the originator of the song? Well, that is the case of singer Eddie Khae, the brain behind the “Do The Dance” song that went viral a couple of months ago.

According to the up and coming singer,  he is working hard to catch up with the popularity of his viral song,  ‘Do The Dance’.

The song and its dance is arguably one of the most popular songs and of 2018.

In an interview with JoyNews’ the musician disclosed that the dance which came from students of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), took over his shine. He however went along with it hoping to catch up later

“I didn’t decide to hide myself. It was the nature of the whole thing because the song went viral and left the owner so with time I will catch up,”

“The dance is not actually mine, it is the song. The dance is a thing they do in Tech [KNUST] so I saw Nana Kojo, a friend of mine in UCC do the dance, it was catchy and I decided to do a song for it,” he said.

Eddie Khae also added that he has been in the music scene for quiet a while, however, “Do The Dance” did it for him.

“It is actually the biggest song in Ghana right now, if I’m not blowing my own trumpet but I believe it is the biggest song right now,” he said.

The musician ended by saying that the expereince has been overwhelming for him

“Every musician’s dream to be known or have this one song that puts him or her on the map and ‘Do the dance’ has done that for me, it a wonderful experience, it is overwhelming…Like I can decide not to do music again”, he said.