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My First Time: Doing Sallah with 'Fly Nima Boy' Scorpy and his crew



So when got to Nima, the venue for hiplife group, VIP’s annual Sallahfest, I called Scorpy to let him know that I was around. He was at the backstage trying to confirm his appearance on the bill so he asked me to try and locate him. However, the crowd was so thick that I couldn’t make my way there. I resorted to roaming around and observing what makes Nima tick. Well, it is the people, I found out! And they come in all forms and shapes but universally they looked fiercely fearless, no mater the age or gender. I was pleasantly surprised to hear more Twi and even some Ga in the hugely Hausa community. Well I continued my expedition around and I wasn’t shocked when I met a colleague journalist who told me that his companion’s phone had been snatched from her. Now my ‘care senses’ were heightened even more! I put my phone on vibrate so that if I had a call I would stay at a secured place to answer. I soon had a call from Scorpy and it appeared he wasn’t going to perform after all; so I waited for him at a vantage place – a post office –  for him to come find me. Well ,Scorpy and his crew did find me and we decided to move to Mamobi where another fest was going on. Scorpy was on the bill again and this time he got to perform. It was my first time seeing him perform and I was impressed, especially since it was for his people.  He performed his buzzing single, ‘Fly Nima Boy’ (Download here) supported by fellow rappers Scottish Prince and NAB. It was nice to see several unknown talents bubbling from down under. Hopefully we will see and hear them in the mainstream sooner than later. Well after the performance we dashed off to their crib in Kotobabi where the boys dug  in to some Sallah rice and stew. We had conversations and listened to music till early morning, where I decided to get home and have some sleep. At least now i can say say i have tasted Sallah!!!! fly nima boy (1) fly nima boy (2) fly nima boy (3) fly nima boy (4) fly nima boy (5) fly nima boy (6) fly nima boy (7)]]>

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