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My girlfriend wants me to propose to her while Ed Sheeran is playing” – E.L



E.L has opened up about teaming up with British singer Ed Sheeran.

During his recent appearance on BlacVolta’s “HOT SEAT” podcast, E.L. was asked about his dream collaboration with an artist. to everyone’s surprise, he mentioned Ed Sheeran, sharing that his girlfriend had expressed her desire to be proposed to while Ed Sheeran’s music played in the background.

This revelation shed light on E.L.’s personal life, showing a deeper, more vulnerable side to the artist.


E.L.’s admiration for Ed Sheeran’s music highlights the cross-cultural influence that artists can have on one another. As an artist himself, E.L. recognizes the power of collaboration and the potential for creative growth that can arise from working with musicians from different backgrounds and genres. By expressing his desire to collaborate with Ed Sheeran, E.L. demonstrates his willingness to explore new musical territories and create memorable experiences for his fans.

E.L recently headlined the ‘Back To Azonto’ party hosted by popular nightlife spot Oliver Twist Shack.



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