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My mom took me to TB Joshua in Nigeria for deliverance twice- Trans singer Angel Maxine details struggles



Ghanaian transgender activist/musician and actress, Angel Maxine has revealed some challenges she has faced growing up as a male who identifies as a female, including being taken to Prophet T.B Joshua for deliverance.

The openly transwoman revealed during an appearance on the “If More Let’s Divide” podcast program that growing up, life was difficult for her in her youthful stage because of her unidentified gender.

“Growing up I never felt any opposition from home, from home I didn’t feel anyway but rather outside people saw me different and they use to tease me a lot, like ‘kojo besia’, ‘Obaa barima’ and they use to call me names and bully me, tease me,” she narrated.


Angel Maxine states that years of bullying forced her to build a wall in order to protect herself.

“It came to a point that I had to also build a defense wall around myself to also fight back when they attack me like that. People will gather to beat me because I was different, I’ll close from school and they’ll be hiding in corners and they will bully me, this is my nature and I couldn’t change, I was like 1/14 years, adults bullying me,” she revealed.

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Maxine, who now uses her platform to advocate for the rights of people in the LGBTQ+ community in the country, revealed that her parents were in denial of her sexuality, and would try to change her via prayer.


“My parents never knew that I was going through that and I never told them. When issues of people not been able to identify my gender, it raised a lot of concerns with people telling my parents that this your child is behaving like this and might end like that, she will be like this and that, people were now aware and I was growing, I wasn’t changing so it created some awareness in my family, parents, relatives making them aware that I’m not changing, I was just me.

“I always wanted to have a conversation with my parents, tell them that this is how I feel about myself but there was no environment for that.

“My mom went to the point of taking me to TB Joshua in Nigeria for deliverance and I went with her twice”, she stated.

Watch full interview below;


Angel Maxine is Ghana’s only open Transgender in the spotlight.  Her song “Wo Fie” featuring Sister Derby has become an anthem for the LGBTQ+ community in Ghana.

LGBTQ+ is however, frowned upon in Ghana, and over the last few months, there have been serious discussions surrounding an Anti-LGBTQ+ bill that has been presented to parliament waiting to be passed.

The proposed bill includes criminalising LGBT advocacy, requirements to denounce “suspects”, advocates for conversion therapy and imposes longer jail sentences.

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