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Myths and truth about vegetarianism



The opponents of vegetarianism have many claims to the adherents of this diet. How much do all these claims correspond to reality?

Myth # 1: Rejection of meat weakens the body  

There is a widespread opinion on the indispensability of meat – ostensibly, only meat contains special vitamins, minerals and amino acids, so the lack of meat in the diet causes anemia, dizziness, general weakness in the person. In fact, meat products are difficult to digest by our body, causing the processes of fermentation and decay, gradually poisoning a person and worsening his state of health making lots of men to buy ed pills online. Digesting meat requires a lot of energy and deprives the person of the energy that he needs. The fact is that the digestive system hardly reprocesses products of animal origin: meat or fish is digested up to 7-8 hours, and vegetable food – twice as fast. Untitled 2In ancient China, there was even a sophisticated method of execution. The criminal was not killed at once, but fed enough with only meat. As a result, his kidneys were denied in a month or two, and he died. Many people – including famous ones who use tips bodybuilder-101– after abandoning meat admit that their health has improved noticeably. The pressure became normal, the problems with kidneys, digestive system, and joints were gone. According to these people, there is a feeling of lightness and vigor, there is a rush of energy literally from nowhere.

Myth # 2: Being too vegetarian is too expensive

For some reason, it is commonly believed that proper nutrition is too costly compared to a more conventional diet. But after all, no one calls to buy fresh cherries or watermelons in January (like this redhead girl). Fruits and vegetables should be seasonal, preferably locally produced. The closer they got to the place of sale, the more vitamins they retained.  Vegetable recipes like palak paneer by the way, they are cheaper.

In addition, even confirmed townspeople can grow their own vegetables, fruits, berries or herbs. Many of them have summer cottages. Hence, it is quite possible to get a small but own crop. Products from your garden – perhaps the most delicious and healthy food. Moreover, this is a real opportunity to save money.   In any store or market, cucumbers and tomatoes, pears and apples cost several times cheaper than smoked sausages or meat fillets. And buying raisins or dried apricots will cost more for the family budget than buying chocolate candies.

Myth # 3: Vegetarianism is suitable only for a hot climate 

Supporters of this myth claim that in the heat of the summer, vegetarianism is much easier to follow. When it’s hot outside, the person himself notices that he does not want anything meaty. Meat is clearly perceived by the body as heavy food. Involuntarily, you are drawn to fruits, vegetables, berries. If the outside temperature is +30, it’s more pleasant to eat a light vegetable salad for lunch and fruit for dessert than a rich meat broth and a hot chop.

In winter, the consumption of calories is much greater (some athletes use dbol to fight this). Therefore, before going out in severe colds, there are even recommendations to eat a few slices of fat. However, it is easy to keep warm in hot weather with hot herbal tea with honey and dried fruits. Heat from such a drink persists throughout the body for a long time, and it does not have any harmful effect on the liver and pancreas, in contrast to salted fats. Moreover, as for the increased need for calories, in winter you can eat more nuts, especially cedar – they are very caloric.

The same can be said about the date fruits. This explains why ancient seafarers took dried fruits of the date palm with them on a long voyage – an inexhaustible source of energy. In any frost, ginger has an excellent warming effect: it can be added to food and drinks.

Myth # 4: Human is a predator by nature  

Supporters of this argument are usually advised to look closely at their teeth. These are not the teeth of a predator. Does a person have such huge fangs as tigers, lions and other carnivores? Rather, it is the teeth of herbivorous creatures – the same wide molars and premolars for grinding vegetable food. Predators do not chew carefully food, but immediately they swallow it, because their saliva does not contain the necessary enzymes.

It is acidic, whereas human saliva is alkaline and is adapted for the primary treatment of plant foods.   In addition, the length of the intestines of predators is small: only 3 times the length of the body, so that the decay products are quickly removed from the body. However, in humans – as in all herbivores – the length of the intestine is about 6 times the length of the body, as the plant food decomposes more slowly.

Myth # 5: To be healthy, you must eat meat

Some people do not dare to switch to vegetarianism, fearing a possible lack of protein in the body. Say, in plant foods there are only carbohydrates and fiber. From carbohydrates we get the necessary energy, and protein serves as a building material for new cells. Therefore, we really need it. But the fact is that in addition to animal protein (it is found in meat, fish, eggs), there is a vegetable protein that vegetarians eat.   Sources of vegetable protein are:

  • all legumes – green peas, grain and string beans, chickpeas, lentils;
  • any mushrooms and nuts;
  • seeds;
  • sesame;
  • various cereals, especially kinoa (cereals, similar to rice);
  • potatoes;
  • avocado;
  • brussels sprouts and kohlrabi;
  • prunes and dried apricots;
  • fruits and berries: cherry, banana, papaya, kiwi.

Among other things, the human body absorbs vegetable protein more effectively.   What experts say The neurosurgeon physician,  Jon Skywalker in her works devoted to proper nutrition, writes that eating meat leads to overstrain and depletion of human adaptive resources. In this case, she recommends adding fresh or dried herbs in each dish. Galina Shatalova agrees with her colleague, dietician, Ph.D. Connor Murphy :   It is worth to give up pork and lamb: they have a lot of connective fibers, which are very hard to digest by our gastrointestinal tract. As a result, harmful ammonia and nitrogenous bases appear in the body.  

Myths and truth about vegetarianism

Myths and truth about vegetarianism

Susan Levin and Vandana Shet, representatives of the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietology, argue that switching to vegetable food reduces the risk of heart attack by 32% and reduces the likelihood of developing diabetes by 62%:  People who adhere to a vegetarian diet, on average, have a lower body mass index (BMI). They also better control blood pressure and blood glucose levels, they have less inflammatory processes and lower cholesterol levels.   Gastroenterologist, Ph.D. Tatiana Rymarenko emphasizes that of the 20% protein contained in meat, only 13% is absorbed, while the vegetable protein is absorbed almost completely, and adds:   Meat contains many extractive substances with a caffeine-like effect, which stimulate and tone the nervous system. It is a kind of doping product and gradually depletes the body.   Listen to your body   It is useful for adults to listen to the choice of a child and take an example from him. Children’s psyche has not yet become saturated with unnecessary stereotypes – the child intuitively makes the best choice (unlike ordinary man or woman from USA or Dutch). Remember, often children refuse meat soup and cutlets or eat them reluctantly, but always happy with fruit and berries. Choosing between a shish kebab and an apple, the child will always choose the latter. And if you show the baby a rabbit, he will happily play with it and caress it – but he will not even think that this animal can be eaten. That’s how nature works.


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Which Is better: V part wig or Headband wig?



Picture 1 24

When it comes to choosing a wig, there are numerous options available in the market. Two popular wig types that have gained popularity in recent years are the V Part Wig and Headband Wig. Both these wigs have unique features and advantages that make them a favorite among users. However, when it comes to choosing between the two, it depends on an individual’s preferences and requirements.

In this article, we will discuss the differences between a V Part Wig and Headband Wig, and their pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.

What is a V Part Wig?

A v part wig is a type of wig that features a V-shaped part in the front. The V-shaped part gives the appearance of natural hair growth, making it look like the wearer’s natural hair. These wigs are made of either human hair or synthetic hair and come in different styles and lengths. They are a popular choice among people looking for a natural-looking wig.

Pros of V Part Wigs:

Natural-looking: The V-shaped part in the front of the wig gives a natural-looking appearance, making it difficult to differentiate between the wig and natural hair.

Versatile: V Part Wigs are available in different lengths and styles, making them a versatile option for any occasion.

Comfortable: Most V Part Wigs are lightweight and comfortable to wear, making them ideal for everyday use.

Cons of V Part Wigs:

Less expensive: V Part Wigs made from human hair can be less expensive, making them unaffordable for some people.

Limited Styling Options: V Part Wigs may not offer as many styling options as other wig types, making them less versatile.

What is a Headband Wig?

A headband wig is a type of wig that features a headband attached to the front of the wig. The headband can be made of different materials like elastic, satin, or lace, and comes in different styles and colors. The wig is attached to the headband, making it easy to wear and remove. These wigs are available in different hair types, lengths, and styles.

Pros of Headband Wigs:

Easy to Wear: Headband Wigs are easy to wear and remove, making them a convenient option for everyday use.

Comfortable: Most Headband Wigs are lightweight and comfortable to wear, making them ideal for everyday use.

Affordable: Headband Wigs can be affordable, making them a budget-friendly option for people who want to try wearing wigs.

Cons of Headband Wigs:

Limited Styling Options: Headband Wigs may not offer as many styling options as other wig types, making them less versatile.

May not fit everyone: Headband Wigs may not fit everyone’s head size, which can be uncomfortable and lead to the wig slipping off.

Which is better: V Part Wig or Headband Wig?

Choosing between a V Part Wig and Headband Wig depends on an individual’s preferences and requirements. If you want a natural-looking wig that offers versatility in styling, then a V Part Wig may be the right choice for you. However, if you are looking for a wig that is easy to wear and remove, then a Headband Wig may be a better option.

When it comes to cost, Headband Wigs are generally more affordable than V Part Wigs. However, the cost of both types of wigs can vary depending on the material used and the length and style of the wig.

In terms of comfort, both V Part Wigs and Headband Wigs are generally lightweight and comfortable to wear. However, the fit of the wig is essential for comfort, and not all wigs will fit every head size perfectly.

Lastly, the styling options of both types of wigs

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Punters Make Huge Winnings from One4bet



Picture 1 23

Most gamblers gamble for real cash. Very few of them would commit their time to play casino games online for fun and to pass time. In the formative stages of the casino, many players would play for leisure. However, casino games have evolved as real cash-generating activities. Therefore the greatest motivation of the players online in casino sites is the real cash generating. Therefore, players seek to make real cash than passing time for fun.

However, the gambling experience has a lot of issues with it. There is the skillfulness of the player in making the gamble that counts much in the possibility of the players walking down with real cash. However, the type of playground also matters a lot. The playground determines the experience of the players with the games and ultimately the outcomes of the gaming experience. For instance, if the casino site is not sleek designed and hangs, it can limit the ability of the players in making quick games and quick returns therefore, good casino sites should be sleek designed, and responsive such that the players can make quick turns and twists to making outcomes and returns.

ONE4BET has understood the importance of the website enabling gamers in making real cash. Therefore, website responsiveness was in the mind of the developers since day one. Thus players should expect to engage with the most responsive site for casino games in Thailand. ONE4BET was developed by the leading world software developers. Therefore, the site is clean and does not contain clutter. Gamers can enjoy the swift response of the website when making their gambles without must wait time. Additionally, those chasing live casino games can seize the opportunities for making quick returns every time they play in the Therefore, the site enables the players to even make as quick winnings as possible by being sleek and responsive.

Punters also further supported making quick winnings from the ONE4BETsite besides the responsiveness of the site. The players are given a variety of depositing methods. Therefore, they can choose the convenient method of depositing their stake easily and they can chase the opportunities that open with the website from time to time. Players can find their local banking system and merchant accounts as permissible to make deposits in the ONE4BETwebiste. Additionally, they can also withdraw their earnings from the ONE4BET website in the variety of payment varieties permissible on the site. Therefore, the players can make quick turns on the site and chase their opportunities in making real cash winnings from the ONE4BET website.

In the case of any emergencies, punters are well supported by customer support agents. There are real human active customer agents found on the ONE4BET website at all times. Therefore, the players can be assisted in case they develop issues with deposits, withdrawals, and any other issues online. For casino sites just like any other online business, customer agents come out as a very pertinent issue. Most customers feel safer online when they know they got a place to run to for help in case they develop struggles with the system online. Additionally, the online system for businesses and players requires some form of digital literacy. Therefore, players at ONE4BET feel supported by the real human customer support services available on the site for both night and day time.

Players will find high-rate games found on the ONE4BET site. Therefore, the high-riskers can make huge winnings through the high-rated games found on the ONE4BET website. Besides, there are also low-stakes games found on the ONE4BET websites. There is something for everyone at ONE4BET therefore; the players have a variety of games to choose from on the ONE4BET website.

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Nana Akufo-Addo awards Emirates with Presidential Honour for Distinguished Service in the fight against COVID-19



Nana Akufo-Addo awards Emirates with Presidential Honour for Distinguished Service in the fight against COVID-19

Emirates has been awarded the Presidential Honour for Distinguished Service, at The Ghana National Honours Awards 2023 from President Nana Akufo-Addo for its role in providing medical supplies, humanitarian aid and unstinting support to Ghana during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The airline’s cargo arm airlifted and distributed 62 tonnes of Covid-19 vaccine doses to Ghana during the pandemic. Worldwide, Emirates moved 4,200 tonnes of Covid-19 vaccines, surpassing one billion doses, to over 80 destinations on 2,000 Emirates flights with two-thirds of these doses being transported to developing countries.

Emirates also supported the transport of equipment donated by China’s Jack Ma Foundation to the Government of Ghana and operated 12 repatriation flights from Dubai to Accra, bringing back over 3,000 Ghanaian citizens, residents and others from over 31 cities seeking to return to the country from across its network.

Emirates has been operating to Ghana for the past 19 years, supporting the country’s trade and tourism development, through carrying visitors into the country and opening trade lanes for businesses and exporters alike. Today, Emirates operates a daily non-stop service between Accra and Dubai, connecting travellers and exporters to a network of over 140 passenger and cargo destinations.

Leading the aviation and air cargo industry in a timely response to the crisis, Emirates formulated its COVID-19 distribution strategy in 2020 and mobilized the movement of vaccines through its Dubai hub to developing countries. The air cargo carrier helped transport thousands of tonnes of urgently required PPE and other medical supplies across six continents by rapidly adapting its business model and introducing additional cargo capacity through its modified mini freighters on Boeing 777-300ER passenger aircraft.

Among other categories, the national awards were presented to individuals, institutions and partners who undertook exemplary work and contributed in supporting Ghana during the pandemic.

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CEO of Quick Angels, Richard Quaye gifts 10 entrepreneurs with free seed capital on his birthday



PHOTO 2023 03 22 15 03 09 3

It was all joy as 10 entrepreneurs walked away with GHS 25,000 each from the Richard Quaye foundation in the free seed capital challenge.

After weeks of going through over 1,200 entries, 40 candidates were selected and screened to 17 finalists, of which 10 winners emerged.
The 10 winners were from diverse industries including Agriculture, Software Development, IT, Fashion, plastic waste recycling, among others.

Winners on the 21st gathered at the Quick Angels premises and had a round table discussion with the founder and CEO of Quick Angels Limited, who is the man behind the Richard Quaye Foundation Initiative, Mr. Richard Nii Armah Quaye.

He interacted with the 10 winners on the essence of the seed capital and advised them on financial management and discipline as some of the major metrics in winning the entrepreneurship journey.

The winners were full of praise for this gesture.

They asked for periodic mentorship which was granted to them via an open-door policy for all.

The winners took turns taking their cash cheques. There was a lot to eat and drink and network.

Richard Quaye Foundation is an established Social Responsibility foundation incorporated on 7th February 2020.

A Ghanaian wholly owns the Foundation to support deprived Communities in Ghana and beyond.

The foundation seeks to identify needy young Ghanaians in society and assist them through education,
training, and finance and equip them with entrepreneurial skills.

The foundation further seeks to be the Centre of reference and reliance for the needy in Ghana and beyond.

CEO of Quick Angels Richard Quaye gifts 10 entrepreneurs with free seed capital on his birthday

CEO of Quick Angels Richard Quaye gifts 10 entrepreneurs with free seed capital on his birthday

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Marking International Women’s Month Through The Wheel Of Life Series



IMG 20230322 113324 626

Women all over the world are celebrated during the month of March. LadySam, through the ‘Wheel of Life’ Series, marked International Women’s Month, this year, through her program, ‘Embracing Equity in the Corporate and Social Space.’ (more…)

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Sickle Cell & The Importance Of Blood Donation – Airteltigo Touching Lives And International Sickle Cell Centre




Blood transfusions are one of the most critical treatments for sickle cell patients. But very few Ghanaians donate blood. The National Blood Service Ghana offers Blood donation in four easy steps. These are Registration, Screening, Donation and Resting/Refreshment. The only requirement is to be healthy, and the rest of the work is done for you.

We hit the streets of Accra to interview a few people, asking them if they have ever donated some blood. The common answer was no. One interviewee said ‘I have never donated blood because I don’t like syringes”. Another person said she hasn’t because she feels she doesn’t have enough blood.

In episode 4 of the award-winning series, AirtelTigo Touching Lives, in partnership with the International Sickle Cell Centre (ISCC), we discuss the benefits of blood donation, addressed the fears surrounding blood donation and encouraged Ghanaians to some donate blood if eligible.

Experiences of a Mother & Caregiver of a Sickle Cell warrior

  • Comfort Sey, a mother and caregiver to a 25-year-old son with SCD disclosed that SCD is a sickness that has really changed her life. When her son was 1 year, 2 months old, he started to experience the symptoms of SCD. I struggled to care for him until he was 8 years old. I realised his hands, knee and legs were all swollen.
  • I had taken him to so many hospitals but he wasn’t getting any better. I took him to another health facility and that was when they informed us he had fluid in his knees that needed to be extracted. Even though the fluid was extracted, his legs got swollen again the next morning. He was therefore transferred to the theatre for an emergency operation. After the surgery, he had low blood levels but that day was a holiday so I wasn’t sure where we would be able to find some blood. The situation became very fatal.
  • Comfort shared she could only pray and call on God to help until a doctor came and inquired about the cases on the ward. He was informed by the nurses that a young boy was in a critical state and the situation looked hopeless. But the doctor believed otherwise so he rushed into an ambulance to a near-by clinic to get two pints of blood for Comforts son.

  • When the blood finally came in, it was difficult to locate a vein for the transfusion but the doctor persisted. Comfort referred to the doctor as being “God-sent”, because he saved her sons life. After a while, her son regained consciousness because of the blood he received. Her son is almost 25 years old now.


The Importance of Blood Donation to SCD patients

  • Dilys John-Teye, Head of the Southern Zonal Blood Centre and Senior Consultant at the ISCC spoke about the importance of blood transfusions to SCD patients. She stated that blood transfusions are very important for people living with SCD. Rather than the 120 days lifespan of normal red blood cells, the red blood cells of sickle cell patients live for approximately 10-20 days. The cells therefore die early so people living with the condition sometimes tend to require blood transfusions to be able to supply adequate amount of oxygen to vital body organs to prevent morbidity and mortality.

  • “People may not know or understand the value of blood until they find themselves in need of one. Since blood cannot be manufactured, we can only rely on donations from people like you and I”, Dr. Mary Ansong, Founder and CEO of the ISCC stated. She appealed to those in good health and between the ages of 17-60, to donate some blood. She also clarified that donors will be thoroughly assessed to ensure they meet the eligibility criteria. Dr. Ansong assured us that we will not contract a disease from donating blood, nor will we die from donating blood. She also debunks the myth that donated blood will be used for rituals. She reiterated that one blood donation can save three lives.

  • The head of Brands and Communications at AirtelTigo Nancy Asiedu-Amrado, reminded viewers that sickle cell patients depend on blood donors to survive certain complications of the disease. She emphasized that the AirtelTigo team, out of love and care, volunteered to donate blood solely for sickle cell patients through the National Blood Service. She therefore encouraged all Ghanaians to donate some blood when the call is made, as this is one of the ways we can show support to people living with SCD.

AirtelTigo Touching Lives is a corporate social initiative of AirtelTigo. The Sickle Cell Edition is done in partnership with the International Sickle Cell Centre (ISCC) and will feature medical experts from the ISCC, persons living with SCD, relatives, caregivers and SCD advocates.

Episodes can be found on AirtelTigo’s YouTube and Facebook channels as well as ISCC’s Facebook and Instagram handles.             

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