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Myths and truth about vegetarianism



The opponents of vegetarianism have many claims to the adherents of this diet. How much do all these claims correspond to reality?

Myth # 1: Rejection of meat weakens the body  

There is a widespread opinion on the indispensability of meat – ostensibly, only meat contains special vitamins, minerals and amino acids, so the lack of meat in the diet causes anemia, dizziness, general weakness in the person. In fact, meat products are difficult to digest by our body, causing the processes of fermentation and decay, gradually poisoning a person and worsening his state of health making lots of men to buy ed pills online. Digesting meat requires a lot of energy and deprives the person of the energy that he needs. The fact is that the digestive system hardly reprocesses products of animal origin: meat or fish is digested up to 7-8 hours, and vegetable food – twice as fast. Untitled 2In ancient China, there was even a sophisticated method of execution. The criminal was not killed at once, but fed enough with only meat. As a result, his kidneys were denied in a month or two, and he died. Many people – including famous ones who use tips bodybuilder-101– after abandoning meat admit that their health has improved noticeably. The pressure became normal, the problems with kidneys, digestive system, and joints were gone. According to these people, there is a feeling of lightness and vigor, there is a rush of energy literally from nowhere.

Myth # 2: Being too vegetarian is too expensive

For some reason, it is commonly believed that proper nutrition is too costly compared to a more conventional diet. But after all, no one calls to buy fresh cherries or watermelons in January (like this redhead girl). Fruits and vegetables should be seasonal, preferably locally produced. The closer they got to the place of sale, the more vitamins they retained.  Vegetable recipes like palak paneer by the way, they are cheaper.

In addition, even confirmed townspeople can grow their own vegetables, fruits, berries or herbs. Many of them have summer cottages. Hence, it is quite possible to get a small but own crop. Products from your garden – perhaps the most delicious and healthy food. Moreover, this is a real opportunity to save money.   In any store or market, cucumbers and tomatoes, pears and apples cost several times cheaper than smoked sausages or meat fillets. And buying raisins or dried apricots will cost more for the family budget than buying chocolate candies.

Myth # 3: Vegetarianism is suitable only for a hot climate 

Supporters of this myth claim that in the heat of the summer, vegetarianism is much easier to follow. When it’s hot outside, the person himself notices that he does not want anything meaty. Meat is clearly perceived by the body as heavy food. Involuntarily, you are drawn to fruits, vegetables, berries. If the outside temperature is +30, it’s more pleasant to eat a light vegetable salad for lunch and fruit for dessert than a rich meat broth and a hot chop.

In winter, the consumption of calories is much greater (some athletes use dbol to fight this). Therefore, before going out in severe colds, there are even recommendations to eat a few slices of fat. However, it is easy to keep warm in hot weather with hot herbal tea with honey and dried fruits. Heat from such a drink persists throughout the body for a long time, and it does not have any harmful effect on the liver and pancreas, in contrast to salted fats. Moreover, as for the increased need for calories, in winter you can eat more nuts, especially cedar – they are very caloric.

The same can be said about the date fruits. This explains why ancient seafarers took dried fruits of the date palm with them on a long voyage – an inexhaustible source of energy. In any frost, ginger has an excellent warming effect: it can be added to food and drinks.

Myth # 4: Human is a predator by nature  

Supporters of this argument are usually advised to look closely at their teeth. These are not the teeth of a predator. Does a person have such huge fangs as tigers, lions and other carnivores? Rather, it is the teeth of herbivorous creatures – the same wide molars and premolars for grinding vegetable food. Predators do not chew carefully food, but immediately they swallow it, because their saliva does not contain the necessary enzymes.

It is acidic, whereas human saliva is alkaline and is adapted for the primary treatment of plant foods.   In addition, the length of the intestines of predators is small: only 3 times the length of the body, so that the decay products are quickly removed from the body. However, in humans – as in all herbivores – the length of the intestine is about 6 times the length of the body, as the plant food decomposes more slowly.

Myth # 5: To be healthy, you must eat meat

Some people do not dare to switch to vegetarianism, fearing a possible lack of protein in the body. Say, in plant foods there are only carbohydrates and fiber. From carbohydrates we get the necessary energy, and protein serves as a building material for new cells. Therefore, we really need it. But the fact is that in addition to animal protein (it is found in meat, fish, eggs), there is a vegetable protein that vegetarians eat.   Sources of vegetable protein are:

  • all legumes – green peas, grain and string beans, chickpeas, lentils;
  • any mushrooms and nuts;
  • seeds;
  • sesame;
  • various cereals, especially kinoa (cereals, similar to rice);
  • potatoes;
  • avocado;
  • brussels sprouts and kohlrabi;
  • prunes and dried apricots;
  • fruits and berries: cherry, banana, papaya, kiwi.

Among other things, the human body absorbs vegetable protein more effectively.   What experts say The neurosurgeon physician,  Jon Skywalker in her works devoted to proper nutrition, writes that eating meat leads to overstrain and depletion of human adaptive resources. In this case, she recommends adding fresh or dried herbs in each dish. Galina Shatalova agrees with her colleague, dietician, Ph.D. Connor Murphy :   It is worth to give up pork and lamb: they have a lot of connective fibers, which are very hard to digest by our gastrointestinal tract. As a result, harmful ammonia and nitrogenous bases appear in the body.  

Myths and truth about vegetarianism

Myths and truth about vegetarianism

Susan Levin and Vandana Shet, representatives of the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietology, argue that switching to vegetable food reduces the risk of heart attack by 32% and reduces the likelihood of developing diabetes by 62%:  People who adhere to a vegetarian diet, on average, have a lower body mass index (BMI). They also better control blood pressure and blood glucose levels, they have less inflammatory processes and lower cholesterol levels.   Gastroenterologist, Ph.D. Tatiana Rymarenko emphasizes that of the 20% protein contained in meat, only 13% is absorbed, while the vegetable protein is absorbed almost completely, and adds:   Meat contains many extractive substances with a caffeine-like effect, which stimulate and tone the nervous system. It is a kind of doping product and gradually depletes the body.   Listen to your body   It is useful for adults to listen to the choice of a child and take an example from him. Children’s psyche has not yet become saturated with unnecessary stereotypes – the child intuitively makes the best choice (unlike ordinary man or woman from USA or Dutch). Remember, often children refuse meat soup and cutlets or eat them reluctantly, but always happy with fruit and berries. Choosing between a shish kebab and an apple, the child will always choose the latter. And if you show the baby a rabbit, he will happily play with it and caress it – but he will not even think that this animal can be eaten. That’s how nature works.


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Simon El-Longwell reveals his intents for PUSAG Presidency 2022



IMG 20220701 WA0018

The mantle of leadership transcends from one generation to another successive one which builds a large prospects of development in our various institutions, organizations and perhaps countries. (more…)

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Crazy online gaming Wins: Biggest in the world!



istockphoto 837141266 640x640 1

The online gaming and esports industry has boomed in recent years, with millions of individuals taking part in these games worldwide.

With such explosive growth, there have consequently been a number of substantial prize purses, made all the more fascinating due to their sheer magnitude. Similarly, staggering winnings are sometimes seen by online gamblers, too. For example,’BetMGM Awards Over $800K’ was recently in the news in one lucky US state.

While we can’t tell you how to get lucky when gambling or gaming online, we are going to show you some of the biggest wins from online gaming. 

How do Gamers Win Money? 

Below, we’re going to show you how gamers have made money by winning some of the most prestigious online gaming tournaments in the world. But, there are other ways these professional gamers make money


Some have paid sponsorships and partnerships with gaming companies, computer brands, and even global giant drinks manufacturers like Red Bull and Mountain Dew. 


Others are paid salaries from the teams or leagues they belong to – it really is just like any other sport in this regard. 

1. Fortnite World Cup (2019) – $30.4 million 

photo 1587095951604 b9d924a3fda0

It’s no secret that Fortnite is one of the most popular video games in the world right now, and the first-ever Fortnite World Cup is also one of the highest-ever online gaming wins.

In 2019, over $30 million was awarded to the winning players – the winning solo player, Kyle Giersdorf, took home $3 million, while David W and Emil Pedersen split $3 million between them as the top-ranking duo. 


Winning contests isn’t the only way players earn from Fortnite, though. It also has a huge following on Twitch, with many gamers making a decent amount of money from live-streaming their gameplay to their adoring fans. 


Fans have to pay to subscribe to their favorite channels, and there are often different tiers available for those who wish to show more support. So, for someone streaming a popular game such as Fortnite, this is a great way to make a steady income. 

2. Honor of Kings World Championship Cup (2021) – $7.7 million 

photo 1558008258 3256797b43f3

Last year’s Honor of Kings tournament, the World Championship Cup, was hosted in Beijing. Twelve teams of the best Honor of Kings players entered the contest, with the winning team ultimately taking home a cool $7.7 million between them. 


The battle was closely fought between two teams, Gank Gaming and QG Happy, with the latter eventually coming in the number-one spot and claiming the colossal prize. 


The tournament is going to be even bigger in 2022, with a prize pool of $10 million for the winning team. It’s expected that 16 teams will take part in this year’s event. 

3. Call of Duty League Championship (2020) – $4.6 million 

photo 1553492206 f609eddc33dd


Call of Duty has been popular for almost two decades – fans were playing the series long before online gaming and esports became big. But, it’s only more recently that players have been able to make considerable sums of money from playing their favorite first-person shooter. 


Call of Duty is so popular it’s not just one event but an entire league dedicated to it! At the end of the League, Dallas Empire won the Championship event and netted themselves the tidy sum of $1.5 million. 


4. The International 10 (2020) – $40 million 

Dota 2’s annual championship event in 2020 was the biggest of its kind to date, and one of the biggest ever online gaming wins ever. With a total prize fund of $40 million, it’s no surprise that the 16 teams who entered fought so fiercely to emerge victorious. 


After various rounds and stages, Team Spirit from Russia netted themselves over $18 million to share between them. The tournament was held in Bucharest, Romania, at the Arena Naţională. 

Final Thoughts

Aren’t esports exciting? It’s one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, and it has only just begun to hit its stride. So, expect the prize funds given out at these tournaments to grow year on year. 


If you keep practicing your favorite game, maybe you too could one day join the likes of these players and teams above and become a multi-millionaire overnight. 

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Itel Ghana Donates Library and School Items worth GHC40,000 to Ayikai Dablo M/A school



Itel Ghana Donates Library and School Items worth GHC40000 to Ayikai Dablo MA school6

Itel Ghana this Friday 24th June 2022  embarked on yet another corporate social responsibility project themed “ itel Wandering Library Project” in the Ayikai Doblo M/A Basic School. (more…)

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African-centric video games leap forward



Picture 1

The number of gamers has skyrocketed in Africa, going from 77 million in 2015 to over 185 million by the end of 2021. Driven by ever-improving Internet access and the increasing affordability of smartphones, mobile gaming is leading the way. Estimations project that nearly 95% of African gamers use mobile devices. With 650 million smartphones in circulation, the mobile gaming market is even expected to grow at an annual 12%. And as gaming booms across the continent, so thrives the demand for games made in Africa. (more…)

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Best small business ideas to promote online



fee4bee small business ideas img1

If you have a passion for doing something but are lacking the capital you may be wondering how to start a small business with little money. Well, you are not alone. There are thousands of people just like you who are looking for the best ways to make money. The internet is a great resource for finding your clients. On the platforms like, you can use your skills and expertise to start your own small business and offer your services to sell a product online.

First, you must decide on your small business idea. Before choosing an idea, be sure to get some input from friends and family members. Often, they can help you come up with ideas that will help you earn money while still having a great time. And don’t forget to have fun while working! It’s very important to find a business idea that you can enjoy.

Starting a small business in Сanada

You have decided that starting a small business in Canada is the right choice for you. While it might seem like an overwhelming task, it does not have to be. You can start your own business while working your current job and still have time to devote to your new venture. Start by developing a business plan, which will outline your goals, milestones and success measures. Some of the most important parts of a business plan include the objective of the business, the market position, the competitive landscape, financials, and target market information. Before submitting your plan, you should know the differences between the various business structures that are available in Canada.

A winning business idea is essential to starting a small business. When creating your business plan, focus on the latest technologies and trends, and fill a gap in your local industry. You should also consider the needs and interests of potential customers to ensure that you have a profitable business. 

Small business ideas for little money

There are countless small business ideas for little money out there, but which one is right for you? While money is always a motivation to get started, there’s more to the idea than just making money. To find the right idea for you, bounce it off of friends and family to get their feedback. Also, don’t be afraid to have fun while you’re working! Listed below are some of the most popular small businesses:

  • Handyperson. One of the best small business ideas to start is to provide a service. Although this may not be the most passive form of self-employment, it is a viable choice if you have specific skills and time that others would be willing to pay for. Such businesses can range from home repairs to building construction. To be a handyman you don’t need a large amount of capital to get started.
  • Furniture assembling. If you know how to assemble Ikea furniture, you can start a profitable business. As the popularity of Ikea furniture grows, you can expand the service to other areas. Who knows maybe someday you grow into a full furniture factory.
  • The pet industry is also ripe for small business ideas. From grooming services to dog walking services there are countless opportunities. Dog walking is a common service, and you can set a schedule for walks and charge a flat rate. You can also offer pet boarding services if you are interested in earning extra money. 
  • Video content making. If you want to run a small business, you can opt for video production. Video content is popular across various social media platforms and on the internet. Whether you wish to produce videos for your own business or for clients, you can learn the skills of cutting, editing and shooting videos. Even if you do not have any previous experience in video production, there are many online courses that will teach you the skills.
  • If you’ve recently quit your job and still have the expertise to offer, you can turn that knowledge into a business. Consulting services, for example, are in high demand, with a $263.5 billion market expected by 2022. You can turn your knowledge and experience into a business by filling a need in the market. Many consultants are needed across different industries, and they charge for their services.

These small business ideas are a great source of extra cash, and they’ll also give you a sense of independence. So, start today. Don’t wait until your next paycheck is coming in – invest in yourself and your small business idea today.fee4bee small business ideas img2

How to promote small businesses online?

There are many cost-effective ways to promote small businesses online. Two models of promoting your business online include your own website promotion and cooperation with grand marketplaces.

Not for all the local businesses you need a business website. You have to build high-quality landing pages on your site and budget for large expenses so that the website generates income. 

If you don’t have the time or the budget to do this yourself, you can consider alternative ways to promote online. Social media presence and services marketplaces are great places to list your business for free. These sites are often well-known with high search engine rankings. Listed businesses tend to get local customers. Profiles on these marketplaces don’t take long to set up and can help you promote your business to nearby customers. 

Reviews are another way to get local customers to try your business. Word-of-mouth can be very powerful for your small business. Getting customer feedback on services platforms is the best. This way, potential customers can read what others have to say about your business and decide if it is the one for them.

Another free way to promote your business is through social media. Tik-tok, Instagram, and Pinterest are among the most popular social media sites. Make sure to include your contact information on your page, and create useful and engaging content to attract users. These platforms are great for local businesses because they can promote their products and services 24/7.

Using video on your social media is a great way to reach a wide audience for free. Also, you can use hashtags and contests to increase your exposure. Update your profile regularly. And don’t forget to follow your competitors, too. These social media sites are a great way to reach local customers.


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EMY Africa CEO, Kojo Soboh ranks among 50 Top Young CEOs in Ghana



IMG 1254 2

EMY Africa CEO, Kojo Soboh has been ranked among Avance Media and YCEO Africa’s Top 50 Young CEOs in Ghana for 2022.

The YCEO top 50 young CEOs in Ghana is a yearly classification which acknowledge and recognizes young Ghanaian Chief Executives Officers who are contributing to various sectors of the economy, including sports, manufacturing, agriculture, social entrepreneurship, energy, entertainment, real estate, health media among others.

An official tweet by Avance Media Africa on June 27, applauded Kojo for being one of the selected young leaders ranked among the 2022 Top 50 Young CEOs in Ghana.

The congratulatory message requested the public to visit to vote for the 2022 Young CEO of the Year.

The selection of the winner will be from the 50 and will be decided by the public in a 100 percent voting exercise before official declaration of the eventual winner.IMG 1260 2

Making a remark on the ranking, Kojo said, “It’s a big honour to be named as part of the 50 top young CEOs in Ghana for 2022. This means more to me and my team of other young dedicated staff who are vibrant and zealous about Emy Africa’s mission and assignments”.

“At Emy Africa, we celebrate and recognize people’s achievements. It is the reason why I am elated that the works of EMY is also being recognized by YCEO Africa and Avance Media” Kojo said.

“When you get recognition for the things you do out of passion, it brings more fulfilment to do more to cause positive change in society” he added.

Other key young leaders who made it to the list this year include, Emmanuel Kojo Jones-Mensah; CEO of Empire Domus, Sadiq Abdulai Abu; CEO of 3 Music Networks, Sammi Awuku; CEO of NLA, Gwyneth Gyimah Addo; CEO of HairSenta and Dentaa Amoateng MBE; CEO and president of GUBA Enterprise.

Kojo is the founder and executive director of EMY Africa, which produces the annual EMY Africa Awards, One of West Africa’s biggest and most prestigious awards event and the quarterly EMY Africa Magazine.

The awards and its complementary events have been carefully designed to celebrate men’s achievements across local industry, community, culture and public service to inspire the youth to aspire to be better.

Every year, the Awards also gives complementary honours to women who have made an impact in society.

The EMY Africa Awards have honored an impressive list of inspiring personalities including former President of Ghana, John Agyekum Kufuor, Tony Elumelo (Founder & CEO, United Bank of Africa), Togbe Afede XIV (President, African World Airlines ), His Eminence Sheikh Dr Osmanu Nuhu Sharubutu (Chief Iman of Ghana),  Sir Sam Jonah (CEO, Jonah Capital),  Abedi Pele (Ghanaian football legend), Azumah Nelson (boxing legend), Meiwey (Ivorian music legend),Marufatu Abiola Bawuah (Regional CEO for UBA, West Africa),  Togbe Afede XIV (President of the Asobgli Traditonal Area and Executive chairman- World Trade Center , Accra), Patricia Obo-Nai (CEO, Vodafone Ghana),  Dr Daniel McKorley (CEO, McDan Shipping), to name a few.

Kojo was named among the top 50 young CEOs in Ghana in 2019 by Avance media. He was also named in the 2021 African Event Influencers list by Avance media and Oasis Magazine.  In 2018, Forbes Africa Magazine  featured him as one of the finest emerging event managers in Ghana. Kojo is very thrilled to be part of a platform that inspires people to be better.


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