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Mzbel finds God and quits hiplife?



MzbelMzbel has always damned critics over her lyrics, dress sense, among others but one little man has been able to turn her around and the sultry hiplife artiste has vowed to ditch her risque lyrics and revealing clothes for gospel and inspirational music. The little man, her five-months-old son, Aaron who literally has the 16 Years singer wrapped around his finger, has compelled Mzbel real name Belinda Nana Akua Amoah to rebrand herself when she hits the stage again after she has weaned him. Speaking to Showbiz last Friday, Mzbel who is in her early 30s said motherhood has changed her way of life. “Having Aaron has made me a better person. I feel more mature. Yes, I will be back on stage in about a year and a half but this time around, I would be doing gospel. “ This is because, I do not see myself doing hiplife again neither do I see myself doing any of my old songs. I just cannot imagine myself standing on stage dressed like I used to do before and performing hiplife, I feel I am too matured for that” she said. According to the Awooso Me hit maker, being a mother has really brought her closer to God. She has now become a faithful servant of God and spends time attending fellowships and prayer sessions. “I do not dress like the way I use to in the past. I have become very careful of my choice of dresses. Motherhood has also changed the way I speak and the way I respond to issues. I have also become very selective of the events I attend. Formally, I used to attend every event but now I am very selective” she said. An obviously elated Mzbel who is mother to two adopted children just couldn’t stop talking about the new addition to her family. “It feels great being Aaron’s mother. It is a nice experience but it comes with a whole lot of work. I do not sleep well and I wake up in the middle of the night to breastfeed him. Sometimes, Aaron cries and I do not know why he is crying but I look at his face with smiles and I feel all the hard work is worth it”. Mzbel used the opportunity to thank God for giving her such a wonderful son. “ Aaron is an amazing child. He is a good boy who hardly cries. I know some babies who cry a lot. I have realised that he only cries when he is wet or when he is too warm and feels uncomfortable”, she said. Touching on how having her own biological child has affected her relationship with her adopted ones, Mzbel said “the fact that Aaron is in the picture now does not mean I will abandoned my adopted children —John and Yannel. They adore their little brother and even help out with taking care of him. The bond between us has grown stronger and tighter” , she added. Although she loved to talk about her baby, Mzbel is rather mum when it comes to Aaron’s father. “I have decided to keep my baby father’s name private. In fact I have decided to keep certain things private. I went public with certain aspects of my life sometime ago and it affected a lot of things around me so I intend to keep somethings private” she said. In addition to motherhood, Mzbel is currently working on her shop, reality TV show and kids TV programme. She also hopes to own a production studio in the near future. Mzbel, the last of seven girls, was born to Mr Albert A. Amoah, an engineer and the late Agnes Nyarko. She grew up in James Town. She had her senior high education at Abuakwa State College. She later enrolled at the Ghana Institute of Languages to become a bilingual secretary. Culled from Graphic Showbiz]]>

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