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NAJA Fairy A Female Musician Promoting Dark Skin



NAJA Fairy A Female Musician Promoting Dark Skin

In a world where Eurocentric beauty standards still dominate society, representation and visibility for people of color are essential. In the music industry, female musicians like Naja Fairy are pushing back against harmful beauty standards and promoting dark skin.

Naja Fairy is a Ghanaian singer, songwriter, and advocate for dark-skinned women signed under a record label in the USA, Vandys Empire.With her debut Studio project dubbed “Taste Of Love” a six tracks EP that features rapper Obibini formerly of Zylophone fame and Akwaboah formerly of Sarkcess fame. She uses her platform to celebrate dark skin, promote self-love, and break down barriers for women of color in the music industry. Her music explores themes of empowerment, self-confidence, and embracing one’s unique beauty. Her song, Woman of Substance focuses on women placing value on themselves. the masterpieces she used in appreciating love for oneself.

Fairy’s journey to self-acceptance was fueled partly by her experiences of colorism. Growing up, she was often subjected to negative comments and stereotypes about dark skin. However, through music, she found a space where she could celebrate her identity and start a conversation about the importance of inclusivity and representation. The admirers of her skin have been overwhelmed with her confidence in stage performance and on talk shows like the GUBA Awards in Rwanda, The Joy Prime studio competition, Obaasima Summit, her performance with Nana Ama MacBrown at Onua Tv showbiz, and host of several Television interviews that the host couldn’t stop admiring her natural beautiful dark skin. In all these stages she has performed she is the youngest artist at age 18 to be billed and perform on such platforms

“I want people to know that it doesn’t matter how dark or light your skin tone is, beauty comes from within,” she said. “I hope my music can inspire people to embrace their dark skin and feel confident in their skin.”


Fairy is part of a growing movement of musicians who are using their art to fight against harmful beauty standards and empower underrepresented communities. Her music embraces diversity and self-love and celebrates dark-skinned women as the centerpiece of beauty.

As a musician, she is also using her music to promote an inclusive music industry. She is vocal about the barriers that women of color face in the music industry and hopes to inspire other young women to pursue their dreams.

“Representation and visibility matter,” she said. “I want to use my platform to create a space where dark-skinned women can not only exist but thrive, Like the likes of The Late Ebony Reigns, Wiyaala, Kaaki, Becca, etc.”

In a world where beauty standards are often exclusionary, Naja Fairy is creating music that empowers and inspires. As a musician and advocate for dark-skinned women, she is challenging harmful beauty standards and paving the way for a more inclusive world.
“I am black, I am bold and I am beautiful”

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