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Nallapusalu Models That Are Currently Trending



In southern India, the mangalsutra chain with black beads is called “Nallapusalu.” There are several ways to wear them nowadays. One increasingly common fashion trend is to accessorise it with fashionable gold lockets. We introduced this flair to match a western dress in recent years, and it’s been a hit ever since!


You can wear a clean black bead chain with a simple pendant dangling at any time for every event. Leafy vines, abstract art, colourful patterns, and complicated geometric designs are the most often seen motifs in creating these stunning pendants.



Vaibhav Jewellers’ latest nallapusalu models are on-trend and likely a hit with today’s young lady. Here are a few highlights.


Bejewelled with Exquisite Polkis

They’re a terrific choice for a clean and refined appearance. Polkis or uncut diamonds add an extra oomph factor to these neck ornaments. In contrast to the gold and black strand of beads, the bright allure of Polki acts as a show-stealer. Vaibhav Jewellers’ 22K Polki Gold Mangalsutras (451VG1636, 451VG1638, and 451VG1643) are just a handful of available types.



Multilayered Nallapusalu

Necklaces with many layers have been making a comeback as a fashion statement of late. So we’ve included it in our nallapusalu designs as well. It is a pretty versatile design that would look great with both modern and traditional outfits. These heavy adornments are superb for off-the-shoulder dresses and blouses since they highlight the neck. Put together a uniquely yours design this season by layering different elements. Look at our 22K Gold Mangalsutra for inspiration (SJ1002).



Whitestone Encrusted With Pearls

Wear this design with a traditional outfit for a polished look. The gold lockets on display are of a high calibre, and their designs are eye-catching. The combination of gold and white stones is usually a winning one. The pearl and gold bead dangle adds the finishing touch. The 22K Fancy Gold Mangalsutra (SJ1048) is an excellent example.


Design with a minimalist aesthetic


This design is best if you are a fan of the minimalist style. It’s just the right amount of fancy without being over the top. Wear it with the black beaded necklace to complete the look. Vaibhav Jewellers 22K Plain Gold Short Mangalsuthra (68VJ634) Vaibhav Jewellers 22K Plain Gold Short Mangalsuthra (68VI8188) Vaibhav Jewellers 22K Plain Gold Short Mangalsuthra (68VI8442) are a few names from the list.


Trendy Round Pendants 

Those who aren’t fans of traditional styles might check out this design instead. These dainty pieces consist of either tiny black beads or white ones, but they’re enough to make a difference. The circular gold lockets have been used to give the necklace a more dynamic appearance. You can wear these neckpieces regularly because of the pleasing symmetry of the beautiful sparkling stones or diamonds. Vaibhav Jewellers’ 22K Plain Gold Pearl Short Mangalsutra (68VI9107, 68VI9108, and 68VI9110) are just a few of the variants available.



Nallapusalus featuring a small locket

Tiny lockets encrusted with stones are incredibly eye-catching. These nallapusalus are an excellent focal point and can even be worn daily. Chains are kept simple in this case, which makes them quite convenient, especially for working women. 22Kt Plain Gold Short length Mangalsutra (68VI4566) 22Kt Plain Gold Short length Mangalsutra (68VI4563) 22Kt Plain Gold Short length Mangalsutra (68VI4567) are a few examples from the list. If you want it without stones, go for something like 22K Fancy Gold Mangalsutra (SJ1032).



Red Beads Style

Instead of gold and black bead string, our designers opted for a gold chain with red beads for this model. The pendant is strikingly contemporary and serves as a conversation starter. You can simply use this pattern with western attire. Take a glance at Vaibhav Jewellers 22K Plain Gold Short Mangalsuthra (68VI5297).


Pendant in the Traditional Style


Nallapusalu (multiple lockets or strands) is ideal for people who love to dress in a conventional way. The traditional engraved design on the gold lockets and the warm tone touch of tradition add a timeless charm that appeals to everyone. Look at Vaibhav Jewellers 22K Traditional Gold Mangalsutra (SJ1024) and Vaibhav Jewellers 22K Temple Mangalsutra Pendant (561VA232) as examples.


We all know that Nallapusalu is an essential piece of a woman’s jewellery. Buying one should be done with caution. Using the models mentioned above, you can locate your perfect match. If you want to know if the designs in this post are available, please visit our website.


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