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All You Need to Know about CompTIA A+ Certification



CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association) is a big group of traders consisting of manufacturers, resellers, and distributors who deal with price protection, product returns, and warranty claims. CompTIA A+ is an entry-level IT certification for IT professionals who are looking to start or boost their career as computer service technicians.

The credential determines the skills of beginners in a computer service in installing, operating, maintaining, and customizing personal computers. Traditionally, the CompTIA A+ certificate was offered as a lifetime certification but since 2011, IT professionals are required to retake the exam and renew this credential after every 3 years. Prerequisites If you are looking to get the CompTIA A+ certification, you need the following end-user skills with Windows-based personal computers beforehand:

  • Start up and shut down
  • Browsing the Internet and searching for information
  • Logging onto a computer network
  • Moving, renaming, copying and deleting files in Windows Explorer
  • Basic computer knowledge of hardware and software
  • Knowledge of operating system applications and file systems
  • Basic functions of a computer network

Course Outline There are certain skills you will learn before you take the certification exam. Here is the course outline for the CompTIA A+ certificate:

  • Personal computers’ and mobile digital devices’ hardware components
  • Composition and utilization of operating systems
  • Basic networking and security essentials
  • Procedural conduct of PC technicians
  • Installing, configuring and troubleshooting display devices
  • Installing and configuring peripheral components
  • Managing system components and data storage
  • Installing, configuring, maintaining, and optimizing Microsoft Windows
  • Establishing connections with other operating systems
  • Determining hardware and software specifications for configurations on a client’s environment
  • Determining network technicalities
  • Installing and configuring networking capacities
  • Supporting printers, mobile digital devices, and multifunction devices
  • Determining vulnerabilities, security threats, and controls
  • Executing security controls
  • Troubleshooting overall system issues

Certification ExamS The industry, rather than vendors, engineers the content of the exam. The examination comprises two tests. Your exam questions come from your coursework but sometimes they do not come from it hence you need to think outside the box. Here are the details of the A+ certification exams click url:

  • The exam codes for the CompTIA A+ certification are 220-901 and 220-902. The 220-901 test covers hardware components (34%), computer networking (21%), mobile digital devices (17%), and hardware and network troubleshooting (28%). The 220-902 test covers Windows operating systems (29%), different operating systems and technologies (12%), security threats and controls (22%), software troubleshooting (24%), and procedural operations (13%).
  • There are 90 questions for each certification test. These questions are designed to include multiple choices for your responses, exhibits, and questions that need you find a solution to the situation presented. Each section of the exam does not necessarily hold topical questions from that particular topic but may be mixed from different ones.You can prepare for the A+ exam from PrepAway CompTIA A+ Practice Test Exam Questions – 220-901 & 220-902 and be ready for the real exam.
  • The duration of both examinations is 90 minutes.
  • For the 220-901 test, 675 out of 900 is a passing score, while the passing score for the 220-902 exam is 700 out of 900.
  • The languages are English, French, Modern Spanish, German, Portuguese, and Japanese.
  • Each exam costs around $211.
  • It is recommended to have 9-12 months of practical experience in the lab.
  • Before you sit for the certification exams, you need a valid identification form and voucher you purchased for purposes of taking the tests. You are not allowed to carry most items into the testing room including books, papers, writing tools and materials, electronic devices, drinks, food, and personal items such as backpacks or purses.
  • Your results will be released upon your completion of the tests.

EXAM PREPARATION Before you choose the preparation method to use, you need to determine whether you are good studying by yourself or you need help studying. There are study materials offered by CompTIA for all its certifications and you need to navigate your concentration levels to get the right method of studying. You can use an instructor-led training or self-study. Here are the specifics:

  • Online learning. Many reputable institutions online offer the CompTIA A+ curriculum with remote instructors. Some online universities offer the exam as an enticement for the students to sign up for their courses. Online courses may not have the traditional classroom setting but they are cheaper and can easily fit into your schedule.
  • Brick and mortar learning. Multiple community colleges offer the CompTIA A+ certification courses and you will be able to get the traditional learning experience before you take the exams. If you can afford to enroll and are comfortable with the schedule, you can go for it.
  • Development programs at work. Some organizations offer training for their IT workers on the CompTIA A + courses and pay for the exams or set certain fees to improve the skills of their workers. You can use such opportunities if they exist in your workplace.
  • IT training centers. They exist to get people ready for the workforce and you can use their training to prepare for your exams.
  • Virtual training opportunities. They get you ready by enabling you to visualize situations that you need to solve and you can polish your practical skills.
  • Software for test prep. The CompTIA CertMaster offers learning modules that will test you and gauge your preparedness for the exams.
  • Books, e-books and online study guides. You can create your own reading schedule and go over the books that have a relevant content as you prepare for the certification tests.

Career Opportunities Getting the CompTIA A+ certification is the first step of proving yourself as a professional to a potential employer. Many other certificates exist but this one covers the entry level, the IT proficiency and will show him/ her that you understand the basic competencies and you can carry out tasks assigned to you. Many organizations digitize their files and any computer breakdowns could lead to loss of information or inability to communicate hence with this CompTIA certification you can work as a Tech Support or a Systems and Security Administrator with the potential of rising higher when you obtain the other CompTIA.

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