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Nemisis Loso regrets launching his music career with a 14-track album



Fast-rising Ghanaian rapper Nemisis Loso has admitted that he first made his debut with a 14-track album because of his passion and dedication to music.

The Takoradi-based rapper recently revealed during an appearance on Ameyaw TV’s “One on One” program that he developed a liking for music after completing senior high school and that this led to creating his first-ever music project, an album.

“When I finished SHS around 2016, I took music seriously and I released an album, my first release was an album, ‘Growing up in Africa’, he told VJ Scaro


However, the West Jam entertainment signee expressed his deep regrets after releasing the album.

“I actually feel like me releasing an album at that time was one of the mistakes I made in my career, I wasn’t up to power to release an album and so it is one of the mistakes I made.
“It was a semi-proper, it was well mastered and well mixed, a 14-track album but the promotion, I wasn’t well known for the promotion.

He continued: those who were into music were advising me to take it easy, I was well known in Takoradi but not world wide,” he stated.

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