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Never Let The Kid In You Destroy The King In You – Prince David Osei comments on Sarkodie, Yvonne Nelson Controversy



Since the release of ‘Try Me’ by Ghanaian rapper, Sarkodie, in response to actress Yvonne Nelson’s claims of getting her pregnant and further leading to an abortion. both entertainers are dominating the trends on social media, which has created an uproar of interest.

Yvonne, in her newly published memoir titled ‘I’m Not Yvonne Nelson’ made known how the rapper impregnated her and denied responsibility emphasizing that he drove her to a health facility for an abortion and since never bothered to find out how the procedure.

However, in telling his side of the story in the new single, the ‘Labadi’ hitmaker, disclosed that it was the actress’ sole decision to terminate the pregnancy. Although Sarkodie admitted that they both had a relationship, he asserted that Yvonne was playing the victim stressing that she is taking advantage of the fact that ladies are giving a listening ear more than men.


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This has triggered some netizens most especially celebrities, who have stormed various social media platforms with various reactions to the development. One of which is Actor Prince David Osei.
In a tweet sighted by Ameyaw Debrah Media, the renowned actor wrote, ‘‘Childish Tantrums!! Never let the kid in you destroy the king in you … Whoever sleeps with a woman get her pregnant and don’t own up as man and goes about labeling her “Whore” is the dumbest asshole ever .. She was a “Whore” yet you shagged her unprotected got her pregnant!! God have mercy on those supporting tomfoolery!! #respectwomen”


He futher added that ”It’s about respecting and valuing the women we have been intimate with in the past. It’s never okay to use derogatory terms or make someone feel embarrassed for something as natural as intimacy.”
According to him, real men treat women with kindness, empathy, and respect, regardless of the circumstances.”Let’s all strive to create a world where every person is valued and treated with dignity. Take care! 🌟Good Morning.” he stated.

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