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New Beginnings: Kweku T joins Planet Radio TV in South Africa



Kwaku Thanaian rapper and Big Brother Africa star, Kweku T has joined South African network Planet Radio TV (PRTV). He is set to be announced as a co-host for one of the station’s flagship programmes. Planet Radio TV reflects the life of lovers of music from across Africa and the world. Planet Radio focuses on all aspects of music from Africa and the African Diaspora, including both current popular African music as well as the importance of cultural Music and dance traditions from the continent. The station broadcasts 80% of African Music and 20% International, with the ideology of more Music less talk, and this makes Planet Radio a unique RadioTV station. “We aim to speak to people all over the world about the most influential form of music in the world: the birthplace of the drum beats of Africa! PRTV offers a diverse mix of African music from the South to East to North to West and Central Africa. The music draws on the tradition of Africa, wherever this music has had its influence all over the world. We pride ourselves for being one of the first online Radio Station in Africa.” Holders of television and decoder sets are able to view, live musical performances, live Dj’s and Vj’s studio deliveries.  ]]>