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New boy band, Da Zukunst releases ‘Love Now’



German promoter and rap act Mattan has steadily built up his momentum within reliability, competence and originality of his events and concerts across the globe, delving deep into the fusion of events and artist booking.

He has recently been on a collaborative spree with African artists including and not limited to Jah Lead and now on to the next one who is going to Nigerian singer Blak-I

Blak-I who adds up as a producer, singer & rap artist has had numerous gigs and music projects both in Nigeria and Germany as the owner from the music label BI Media Productions. He is currently solely working on the “Da Zukunst” album as the lead producer.


The two (Mattan and Blak-I) have since come together to form a boy band “Da Zukunst” whereas Zukunft means future and Kunst means art, hence Da Zukunst is a combination from the two words future & art, that only works in German language.

In a scene blooming with acts who have found a creative avenue within the miscegenation that music provides, Mattan seems to be at the foreground.

The aim is to unite artists from different countries and draw attention to talented African artists in Europe.

Their hypnotic melodies and swirling textures are a nod to both their African and German musical heritage which borrows from different parts of Europe and Africa. The influences vary from Brazilian Caetano Veloso, Argentinian Atahualpa Yupanqui and Venezuelan Simón Díaz to Colombian cumbia and Ecuadorian duet Benitez-Valencia, among others.



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