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New music: Eazyody +Pincode feat. Bracket + Josh + Suranu feat. Boogey & ODC



Eazyody is out with a new single, ‘Hello’. The development of his unique style is the result of a lifetime of musical influence. Growing up in NuMedia House Studio (popular recording studio in Okota) meant that Eazyody was always surrounded by different forms of musical of which influenced his development. After realizing that making good music was his main goal, he began to showcase his talent in various venues across Nigeria, playing at numerous gigs and making sure that his name and music is being heard by as many people as possible. His musical ambitions continue to grow, aided by the sounds of Nigeria that he found all around him. Although reggae music is where Eazyody’s roots lie, he doesn’t find himself restricted to this genre. In fact his influences are vast, which his songs demonstrates, providing a room full of music from every corner of the country. His songs provide a combination of exciting drum playing and mellow vocals, with a rhythmic undercurrent that bears testament to his origin and punctuated throughout with elements of reggae, pop and dancehall. He is presently not associated with any music record label. Download     Afro pop sensation Pincode drops new music titled “Follow Me” which features long time college mates and allies Brackets. The song is an urban fusion of highlife and zouk with an impeccable soulful vocal delivery from both parties; it was produced by veteran hit maker Dekumzy of the yori yori fame. Back in 2010, the duo PINCODE released a street anthem titled “Pincode” that took the nation by storm and was popular on lips and ringtones alike. Soon afterwards they parted ways with their record label and decided to take a break and pursue different business interests. In the course of playing several gigs for leisure and interacting with their fans, the duo came under a lot of pressure from music followers to release some new material. Download: Easily one of the most anticipated fast rising artiste, Joshua Oche Idoko aka JOSH  is credited with being one of the key figures with a distinct and unique voice that can make one stay rooted to a spot when one listens to him, which has aided him in the rise to global prominence. His distinctive blend of reggae, R&B and traditional African musical influences creates a vibe that is contemporary and universal while maintaining a clear African identity. Just as he has done with the seemingly effortless balance of huge commercial success with awe-inspiring critical acclaim, JOSH, the Nigerian born, bred, packaged and promoted artist is maintaining his status as an authentic brand, highlighting the fact and keeps inspiring millions of young Nigerians to keep the faith that no matter where one is born, no matter where one is based, world class results can be achieved with hard work and the right attitude. Josh recently recorded the phenomenally successful solo debut, Figure 8, to the main stream Nigerian music market. Download: Hot off his highly acclaimed mixtape “Life + Times of Erving Ejango’, the young emcee Suranu isn’t resting on his laurels. He recruits Boogey (who himself just dropped the dope mixtape ‘Artificial Intelligence’) and underground rapper Odc for this new head bumping single. This is a throwback rap record that still doesn’t feel out of place in 2012. Download:]]>

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