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New School Afrobeats Leader, T.I Blaze debuts with his fiery ghetto gospel in EL MAJOR



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After his breakout moment in 2021, with the hook of “Sometimes” catching on across the entire Nigerian music community, TI Blaze remained on everybody’s radar as one of the new leaders of street-pop music. With one extended play dubbed, Fresh Prince of Lagos, released earlier this year, and several singles out, the vocal prodigy has now stepped out with his debut studio album titled, EL Major.


Like in his earlier record, TI Blaze tows his trademark themes of survival, love, mental wellness, among others, on this 13-tracker masterpiece. In EL Major, one can see T.I Blaze, born Akintunde Abiodun Timileyin, take on a rather pensive-realist glance on the ‘rat race’ nature of life. In songs like “Alone” featuring fellow street-pop maverick Bella Shmurda, he reflects on the solitary nature of man, partly-inspiring and partly-admonishing listeners with lyrics like ‘Nobody send your papa or mama/ Las las, na your mata/ Shebi na who get no dey chop alone.’ He pontificates similarly on songs like “Faraway,” where he reflects on his myriad blessings and the journey so far; “Frenemies,” where he laments on the reality of envious and backstabbing friends; and also on “My Life,” where he takes his stance on enjoying the low-hanging fruits of life and avoiding overthinking issues beyond his control; and on the song “Benefit,” he revisits the value of meaningful friendships and watching the type of circle one keeps.


As the crux of the record, TI Blaze’s didacticism tends to always overpower his records. Like with earlier released songs such as “Try,” “Sometimes,” among others, the ghetto gospel narrative on EL Major gives the album the lyrical and emotive depth it soars with. Sometimes, it is not even the direction that shapes the narratives; but the fact that he presents these realities altogether, that is a big win for the average kid on the street who might never get to attend a concert or enjoy the fanciest slices of life. It is music that makes them feel ‘seen.’


On EL Major, the 22-year-old Dapper Music artiste perfects the art of blending contemporary sonics with relatable storytelling. When he is not introspecting about hustling and survival, T.I Blaze is also very much the loverboy. On songs like “Lock Up,” he talks about how the love he shares with his partner can be unaffected by distance; “Panic,” where his insecurities come to the fore about whether or not he might get served ‘breakfast’ (breakup); “Play” featuring the star girl Fave, where he again warns against being toyed with by his lover. In these songs, TI Blaze continues to show the softer sides of masculinity that are almost like compulsory sins to many men.

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Away from the realism of survival and the boundaries of love and romance, T.I Blaze also just wants you to dance and bask in the present. In songs like “Good Life,” “Vigure,” the Skiibii-assisted “Kilo,” the Camidoh-assisted “Fire Down,” and the Backroad Gee-assisted “Yawa,” he goes on a lustful and lightheaded spree, praising the female body in the fine art of street-pop.

In EL Major, TI Blaze makes street-pop music wholesome to consume, even for non Yoruba-speaking audiences; as his lyrics are regularly switching between Pidgin, Yoruba and English. He taps sound whiz Okizy, Rexxie, Niphkeys, Dibs, Spykida, Enta to create a sonic palette for his brand, which means that you can be having a bad day and TI Blaze’s music will be as soothing as when you hear it in your wildest moments at the club. It also highlights the importance of having a good A&R team; as the whiz that Kelechi Chopper Akwari displays brought this record to life. Also with the backing of T.I Blaze’s Exec Producers, Damilola Dapper Akinwunmi and Adegoke MOG Babatunde, it will be easy to interpret the depth of T. I Blaze’s artistry in visual formats.

EL Major might be a deeply reflective project; but it’s a great mood regulator and a treasure trove of music for everyone and every moment.

Stream EL Major on all platforms now.

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Bisa Kdei, Spice, Phyno on Yemi Alade’s new ‘African Baddie’ EP




GRAMMY-award-winning Yemi Alade is serving attitude with the release of a new EP, AFRICAN BADDIE available now via Effyzzie Music.

The 10-track project features collaborations with Spice, Phyno, Bisa Kdei, Zlatan, Bramsito, Joe Dwẻt File, and Lemar.

Preceding the release of AFRICAN BADDIE, Yemi Alade released earworm“Bubble It” ft. Spice which amassed over 6 MILLION VIEWSon Youtube, bumping the Nigerian singer into over 20 MILLION VIEWS ON TIK TOK.

“I’m an African Baddie, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have emotions,” says Yemi. “Every woman can relate to all the moods on this EP. One minute we are begging a man not to hurt us again and the next we’re in front of the mirror reminding ourselves who is really in control.”  

Not only does Yemi Alade guide fans through different moods on her new EP, but she’s also navigating between new genres with ease. Dancehall, Highlife, and Afrobeats are all represented in this body of work.

AFRICAN BADDIE follows Yemi’s  Grammy Award Winning contributions to both Angelique Kidjo’s “Mother Nature” Album earlier this year as well as her contributions to Beyonce’s BLACK IS KING of 2021. For Yemi, this EP garners the same level of attention and recognition, capturing her versatility as an international artist.


  1. Pounds & Dollars ft. Phyno
  2. Overload
  3. Jo Jo ft. Bisa Kdei
  4. Baddie
  5. Ikebe ft. Ziatan
  6. Dje Dje ft. Bramsito
  7. Get Down ft. Lemar
  8. My Man (French Version) ft. Joe Dwẻt File
  9. Bubble It ft. Spice
  10. Begging

With four albums, and soon-to-be three EPs under her belt, and with hits such as ‘Johnny’, ‘Ferrari’, ‘Na Gode’ and ‘Bum Bum’, and as one of the first females in the genre to hit over 100 million views on YouTube and over 1 million dedicated subscribers, Yemi Alade is the No 1 Afropop female artist on the African continent.

Beyond the studio, Yemi continues to make an impact in the entertainment world, donning titles such as composer, actress, and producer.

She is a BET Awards 2015 and 2016 nominee for Best International Act Africa, a two-time nominee MOBO Awards for Best International Act 2014 and 2015, Winner MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMAs) for Best Female 2015 and 2016.

Click to stream the EP

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Lemonade Finance presents Delay in “Wo si woyε musician?”



Lemonade Finance presents Delay in “Wo si woyε musician?”

Lemonade Finance is a cross-border payment solution that enables Africans in the Diaspora to send money to Ghana and other African countries. The App is available on the iOS and Google Play Store.

On October 14th, 2022, Lemonade Finance announced seasoned media personality and serial entrepreneur Deloris Frimpong Manso “Delay” as a brand ambassador, alongside John Dumelo and Ras Nene “Dr Likee”.

In “Wo si woyε musician?”, an upcoming act misses his chance to impress Delay with his singing.

What happens next?

Find out when you watch the video here:

“To us, what the Delay brand brings is trust and discipline” says Precious Ama Kwartemaa Oduro, the Ghana country manager for Lemonade Finance.

“Her wit in this ad captures what audiences, young and old have come to expect from the interview style of Obaa Afia Delay. The Yaa Asantewaa of the media industry”.

You can download Lemonade Finance by following: Customers who use the code DELAY during signup will get a $10, £10 or C$10 cashback when they send over 100 Dollars, Pounds or Canadian Dollars to someone in Ghana or any of our other supported African countries.

Find out more about the possibilities of Lemonade Finance on this dedicated page for Ghana.

About Lemonade Finance

Lemonade Finance was founded on a simple goal, to make it easy for Africans to send and receive money from home easily.

With Lemonade Finance, Ghanaians in the UK, USA and Canada can send money to mobile money and bank accounts, at the best rates, instantly and at zero fees.

The Lemonade Finance app is used by thousands of Africans in the United States, Canada and the UK to send money back home to Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and seven other African countries.

The Official Lemonade Finance channels are:


Twitter: @LemonadeFinance, @LemonadeFinGH


LinkedIn: lemonade-finance

YouTube: LemonadeFinance

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Apple Music’s Chop Life campaign celebrates the joy of the festive season




Now in its second year, Apple Music’s Chop Lifecampaign toasts to the festive season with 15 exclusive guest playlists from West African artists Pheelz, Young Jonn, Niniola, King Promise, Poco Lee, L.A.X, Magixx, Tesh Carter, Smallgod and Kuami Eugene, as well as East African artists Harmonize, Femi One, Mbosso, Azawi and Ommy Dimpoz, with each artist handpicking a selection of their favourite songs that inspire them to Chop Life at all times.


Apple Music will host a dedicated Chop Life space on the platform dedicated to celebrating great music and embracing the spirit of enjoyment at all times,  featuring a flagship playlist, bespoke artwork, and carefully curated content for a variety of moods and grooves, with a selection of DJ Mixes also available.


“Chop Life to me means enjoyment, hanging out with friends and family, good health, wealth, and living life to the fullest. This holiday, I plan to get on as many stages as possible so I can connect with fans. Also, I plan to hang out with family and record new music throughout the holiday.” – Pheelz


“My personality is calm and breezy but like everyone else, I want to Chop Life. For me, this means “living life to the fullest” and by extension, doing the things that give me immense peace and happiness. One very important tool for achieving this happiness is music–making, breathing and immersing myself in great sounds from the continent. This compilation features sounds from some of the continent’s greatest, curated for the one who wants to enjoy life to the fullest, just like me. If this is you, it’s time to get your speakers set to Chop Life with me!” – Young Jonn


“These are some of the songs I love to vibe to when I am in my Chop Life mood.” – Niniola


“This is my collection of songs to unwind to and not focus on the problems cos problems no dey finish. You for Chop Life before life chops you. 5 star.” – King Promise


“For me there’s no music without dance and there’s no dance without music. So being a dancer there’s no sweeter feeling than getting hold of good music, It’s a lifestyle. Chop Life for me is about making people happy thus i curated this playlist to share the happiness. Thank you Apple Music for the opportunity to share my music playlist to the world.” – Poco Lee:


My definition of Chop Life is great music and having fun. Basically ‘Shaye’, I have a song about it, I just want to be in that ‘Shaye’ energy all through the holiday season.” – Magixx


“My holiday playlist is filled with songs old and new that put me in a good mood. My idea of Chop Life is living life to the fullest, zero regrets, blocking off bad vibes and living for the moment.” – Tesh Carter


“Even more than being a musician, I’m a music fan and any opportunity to be in the shoes of the music fan is exciting for me. Chop life to me is about being free to enjoy the best life has to offer. This playlist is made up of songs that give me that feeling on a regular. Thank you Apple Music for the opportunity to tap into my music fan side.” – Kuami Eugene


“Chop Life simply means living without worries and knowing that everything is going to be alright. I am going to be spending my holiday with my family and chopping life.” – L.A.X


“With this playlist, I hope everyone will have some time to think positively about themselves and focus on the true beauty of life. I urge all my fans to be proud of everything they have been able to accomplish this year and remain true to themselves. Spread love, spread messages of hope.” – Harmonize


“This playlist is the perfect mix of feel good, vibe-rooted songs that will definitely set the mood for my Christmas holiday. Let’s turn up as we stay safe too!” – Femi One


“Music has the capability to wash away all the sorrow, fear, and depression. And for the upcoming holiday I will dedicate my time to listen to music from different artist and areas to ease myself and all that I have been through for this year.” – Mbosso


“Live life to the fullest the best way you know how!” – Azawi


“Chop Life reminds me of the greatness of Africa and how diverse our musical experience can be.” – Ommy Dimpoz


Check out Chop Life here:

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Mufty Bompa drops a song for Ghana Black Star KUDUS



Mufty Bompa Of VM Records USA Releases ‘Sabi’

The management of VM Records USA have heaped so much praise on Mohammed Kudus for his explosive role in the game between the Black Stars and South Korea.

Mufty Bompa, a signee of VM Records USA, dropped the song titled KUDUS in honor of his Stellar performance dished out by the Ajax star player.  “We found our Messi ” was the statement issued by Mufty Bompa when asked about his thoughts on Mohammed Kudus.
Mufty Bompa went on to express outright support for the Black Stars and encouraged Ghanains to rally behind our boys.

God Bless the Black Stars. Victory awaits the Black Stars against the Uruguay! Go Kudus! Go Black Stars!

Social Media handles for Mufty Bompa and VM Records USA

Sound Cloud:
Youtube Channel
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Darkovibes Releases Infectious Single – “Yao”



IMG 20221201 WA0003

Ghanaian contemporary Afrobeats singer and songwriter, Paul Nii Amu Andrew Darko, also known as, Darkovibes, is out with yet another infectious single titled,”Yao”. (more…)

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Spotify Wrapped: What were Ghanaians listening to in 2022?



top tracks of 2022 ghana ENTER ARTIST NAME cover

Ghana is not called the ‘Gateway to Africa’ for nothing. Ghanaians may proudly support their own, but as this year’s Spotify Wrapped data shows, they’re also enabling other creators and artists from other countries on the continent to thrive.

The country’s music scene is brimming with global hits, churning out some of the continent’s promising breakout artists. And, as digital streaming platforms continue to be the dominant way for artists to reach their fans globally and for fans to explore their musical and audio content tastes, what exactly are Ghanaians listening to? How does this influence culture? What does this reveal about Ghana’s music scene in general?

“This year, Ghanaians have shown that music is indeed a universal language. Spotify Wrapped results show Ghanaians are as welcoming of international influences as local ones and those from the wider African continent,” says Spotify’s head of music for Sub-Saharan Africa, Phiona Okumu.

Ghana’s Spotify Wrapped results for 2022 – an annual round up of the top artists and music of the year as streamed by users around the world, shows how Ghanians are listening to music.

  • Ghanaians love a good party, and they start this from 5:00pm when the sun is about to go down through to 6:00 pm and 11:00 pm according to the latest Spotify Wrapped data.  It is no surprise that the day when they stream the most music is Friday, followed by Saturday.

  • The playlist that they jam to the most is African Heat – Spotify’s curated playlist which compiles all the tracks heating up the continent.


  • It goes without saying that Ghanaians love their own, as local music consumption keeps soaring with an impressive 193% year on year increase from from 2021 to 2022.


  • Nigerian artists are enjoying a sweet spot in Ghana, as Burna Boy takes the top spot as the most streamed artist in the country this year. Home grown talent  Black Sherif continues to have a stand out presence in music, ending the year as the second most streamed artist locally.

  • The two also clinched top spots for the most streamed albums of the year with Love, Damini by Burna Boy leading  followed by Black Sherif’s The Villian I Never Was .

  • Spotify RADAR Global Artist Ayra Starr topped the list as the most streamed female artist in Ghana. She’s followed closely by the Grammy-nominated Tems, with Africa’s first to join Spotify’s EQUAL Programme, Gyakie at third place.

  • Black Sherif’s meteoric rise to fame which he chronicled in his Kwaku The Traveller got the most heart hits among Ghanaians.


The full breakdown of the top lists is below.





  1. Burna Boy

  2. Black Sherif

  3. Drake

  4. Asake

  5. Sarkodie

  6. Kwesi Arthur

  7. Fireboy DML

  8. Davido

  9. Lil Baby

  10. Wizkid

  1. Love, Damini – Burna Boy

  2. The Villain I Never Was – Black Sherif

  3. Mr. Money With The Vibe – Asake

  4. Playboy – Fireboy DML

  5. Son Of Jacob – Kwesi Arthur

  6. 5 Star  – King Promise

  7. No Pressure – Sarkodie

  8. Made In Lagos: Deluxe Edition – Wizkid

  9. Boy Alone – Omah Lay

  10. Rave & Roses – Rema

  1. Ayra Starr

  2. Tems

  3. Gyakie

  4. Darkoo

  5. Rihanna

  6. Adele

  7. Beyoncé

  8. Nicki Minaj

  9. Teni

  10. Doja Cat





  1. Last Last – Burna Boy

  2. Overloading (OVERDOSE) – Mavins

  3. Kwaku The Traveller – Black Sherif

  4. Finesse – Pheelz

  5. Bandana – Fireboy DML

  6. Buga (Lo Lo Lo) – Kizz Daniel

  7. Down Flat  – Kelvyn Boy

  8. KU LO SA – A COLORS SHOW – Oxlade

  9.  For My Hand (feat. Ed Sheeran) – Burna Boy

  10. It’s Plenty – Burna Boy

  1. Black Sherif

  2. Sarkodie

  3. Kwesi Arthur

  4. King Promise

  5. Stonebwoy

  6. Shatta Wale

  7. KiDi

  8. Gyakie

  9. R2Bees

  10. Camidoh

  1. The Villain I Never Was – Black Sherif

  2. Son Of Jacob – Kwesi Arthur

  3. 5 Star  – King Promise

  4. No Pressure – Sarkodie

  5. The Golden Boy – KiDi

  6. JAMZ – Sarkodie

  7. Back 2 Basics – R2Bees

  8. Black Love – Sarkodie

  9. Anloga Junction – Stonebwoy

  10. Same Earth Different Worlds – Omar Sterling





  1. Kwaku The Traveller – Black Sherif

  2. Down Flat – Kelvyn Boy

  3. Sugarcane (Remix) [feat. King Promise, Mayorkun & Darkoo] – Camidoh

  4. Non Living Thing (feat. Oxlade) – Sarkodie

  5. Friday Night  – Lasmid

  6. Sugarcane

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