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News Parody: Tweaa DCE for Big Brother Africa




Endemol South Africa, the producers of Big Bother Africa, has hinted that the infamous tweeaa DCE, Honourable Gabriel Barimma, will feature in this season’s reality show.

The District Chief Executive (DCE) for Ahafo Ano South in the Ashanti Region suddenly shot to fame, when he was captured on camera throwing a tantrum at a public function. The video went viral on social media, making the local government official a celebrity overnight! His Twitter account which hitherto had 5 followers, rapidly rose to some 42 million followers, putting him on par with American president Barack Obama, pop singer Justin Bieber and YesiYesiGhana.

The organisers of BBA, Africa’s biggest reality series, are believed to be keen on tapping into the DCE’s new found fame and feisty character. Commenting on the matter, an insider at Endemol South African stated, “Without revealing too much, I can say that this season’s show will be full of tweeaa moments. We promise to give audience and loyal fans of the show, a truly unforgettable viewing experience.”

For 91 days, the honourable DCE will go against 27 other housemates from 13 African countries for a cash prize of $300,000. Questioned about his chances of winning the reality show, a confident Gabriel Barimma answered “Oh definitely yes! No one in that house will be my co-equal.”

**If you wish to be considered for next season’s edition of BBA, then please send your tweeaa moments videos and pictures to our social media links below. Do not forget to hashtag them #tweeaamoments. May the best tweeaamoments video/picture win!

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