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boschWith the DStv Explora and DStv Now for Android, and iOS, DStv has been able to expand its Catch Up offering to offer up to four episodes of select TV series at a time. This is known as “stacking” and literally means that episodes of a show stack up over time.

“Box Set” is a common term in DVD stores. But on your DStv Explora, and DStv Now for Android, and iOS, Box Set means that every episode of a season of a show or every part of a franchise of movies, will be available simultaneously. This leads to “binging”, which is placing your face in front of your selected screen and immersing yourself in every episode, one after the other, for as long as you want. No breaks, no interruptions.

Lastly, unlike a normal stack, where the older episodes fall away as newer episodes take their place, with a Superstack, none of the episodes will fall away and as the season progresses; a Box Set of Bosch S2 will be built by the Superstack.

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This week catch up on all new episodes of iZombie, Criminal Minds, Bosch, Blacki-sh, Drive, 53 Extra, Deadline, Girlfriends Guide to Divorce, The Fixer, Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, Rosewood.