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Nsa Ntuk launches her career back home in Nigeria



Nsa Ntuk, a Nigerian-American actress who hails from Akwa Ibom state, and proudly claims it, has returned to Nigeria to expand her acting career. Within a short time Nsa has been approached by several producers and has recently become a brand ambassador of the telecommunication giant MTN Nigeria.  To celebrate her coming out in the Nigerian entertainment industry, Nsa will host an exclusive Red Carpet event on Saturday, September 1st at Auto Lounge, Lagos. Prominent figures and celebrities are expected to join her to enjoy in the festivities. Nsa has starred in various Hollywood movies such as “A Real Black Horror”, “Just Go With It”, “California Tango”, “Equinox”, “Last Dance”, “Devious” and “A Beautiful Soul” alongside Dietrick Haddon amongst many others. Apart from being an actress, Nsa is a writer and producer as evidenced by her work on the webseries “Afro-Arabian Nights” in 2010. She is also an alumni of the Ivy League, University of California at Berkeley which has produced noble peace prize winner, Waiting To Exhale novelist, Terry McMillan and creator of MySpace Tom Anderson. Nsa sees herself as the unique bridge between Hollywood and Nollywood and has been asked to star in lead roles in 3 Nigerian films already. She also has her own projects in production with ample interest from investors. As a new brand ambassador for MTN, Nsa Ntuk has started shooting a series of commercials with Nkem Owoh, and radio broadcaster Nedu. She will go on to represent the megabrand in billboards, print ads, online and even on radio alongside celebrities Davido, Mamma G, Nkem Owoh, radio personalities Nedu and Kody. There is much to celebrate with the fresh new energy Nsa brings to the Nigerian entertainment scene.]]>

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