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Ghanaian rapper, Ntelabi Breaks Into China With Jieyin Compilation’s 4th Album Feature



Ill Haven Records artist, Ntelabi, has struck gold with his song, ‘Dreams’, being added to the 4th Album of the Jieyin Compilation. The hip-hop project will be mainly marketed in China and the entire Asia region and is available globally on Friday, 25th September, 2020.

The entire project was put together by one of China’s music marketing giants, Kanjian Music, and features other artists like LayFullStop (U.K.), Bluesanova & Meme Machine (India), Madman The Greatest (U.K.), Zzqc_Jessie (China), Saffee (China), Allen G & Brezz (China), Puck (China) and Charlz (China). It is supported by one of the largest network sharing platforms in China and in the Asia region, WIFI Master Key, who boasts of over 900 million users and 520 million monthly active users; and is the 5th most downloaded app in the world after WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and Facebook Messenger. It is also the 3rd largest app in China after WeChat and Tencent QQ.

The Jieyin Project aims to be the ultimate hip-hop experience with 9 albums and 81 artists from all over the world to showcase how traditions and global cultures can reach China’s new generations.

Bié zhuāng 别装 (Keep it real) is the 4th album of the compilation and it can be precisely summarized by the following concept: “Refuse to be restrained, return to who you are and follow your feelings; those boring comments, and the aloofness of adults, don’t care! They say you don’t know enough; they are being judgmental but one day they will be sorry – the whole world is watching your performance. I use the path I chose to show the world my attitude!”

With this release, we are ready to show the world how these talented artists are ready to go out there and take back all that is theirs!

Ntelabi – Dreams “Take dreams as horses to live a life in the dark night”

Ntelabi is a Ghanaian rapper, composer and performer. His music career began at Pope John Senior High School and Minor Seminary, where, under the name Drilix, was nominated for several awards.

In 2015, he released his first studio album “HipHopLives” and collaborated with Ball J, Cabum and Teephlow. So far, Ntelabi has been writing in his beloved music industry for more than ten years.

In 2017, he changed his stage name from Drilix to Ntelabi. In his opinion, this name is more in line with his understanding of originality and the concept of “African”. After the tempering of time, his musical thinking has also changed. “Ntelabi” can better explain the existing tonality of his music.

His music style belongs to hip-hop and rap. In most cases, he will use English and some local Ghanaian dialects to interpret his repertoire. Currently, he is signed to his own label “Ill Haven Records” and has a solid catalogue.

Ill Haven Records is an independent record company based in Ghana, owned by Ntelabi and managed by Ntelabi’s manager: Samson Osei. The original intention of the label is to discover all kinds of talented artists, give them the strength to believe in themselves, improve themselves, and cultivate talents.

Ntelabi is not only a musician, but also a composer, illustrator and entrepreneur from West Africa. Whether it’s music or illustration, his goal is to have a positive impact on everyone’s lives. As a down-to-earth doer, he spares no effort; as an enthusiastic art practitioner, he describes life and loves everything.

This song “Dreams” deeply reflects his attitude towards life: no matter how difficult life is, everyone should stick to their dreams. We all have dreams, big or small. Ntelabi also said that in many cases, forced by reality, we find ourselves repressed and stifling our dreams. Dreams, big or small, have the value of being realized. Any great achievement in the world was once a “dream”. What we need to do is embrace courage and hard work to realize them.

It is precisely because of his heartfelt wish for this song that he was able to compose it so smoothly that the entire song production lasted less than a day. “If you don’t dream or pursue your dreams in this life, how lonely and empty can you be”. Ntelabi sings for dreams and paints for life. He is willing to use music to ignite the scorching fire in people’s hearts and never stop.

Stream the album here:

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Meet Stella Agyei, the midwife taking health education from the classroom to remote areas.



According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the number of women and girls who died each year from complications of pregnancy and childbirth declined from 451,000 in 2000 to 295,000 in 2017.

These improvements are particularly remarkable in light of rapid population growth in many of the countries where maternal deaths are highest. Still, over 800 women are dying each day from complications in pregnancy and childbirth. And for every woman who dies, approximately 20 others suffer serious injuries, infections, or disabilities.

Quite disturbingly, two regions, sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, account for 86% of maternal deaths worldwide. Sub-Saharan Africans suffer from the highest maternal mortality ratio – 533 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births, or 200,000 maternal deaths a year. This is over two-thirds (68%) of all maternal deaths per year worldwide.

It is statistics like these as well as hands-on, personal experiences with real-world cases that motivated a young midwife to embark on an aggressive campaign of educating would-be as well as new parents on the risk factors of infant and maternal mortality.

From early beginnings at the Shai Osudoku Hospital in Accra, Stella Agyei has expanded her sensitisation and education drive to the television screens, reaching a wider audience and having a greater impact, in spite of tremendous difficulties. Below, we delve into the making of the young but vastly experienced midwife who is redefining health education and outreach.

Early life and education

Stella describes her humble childhood as “not easy” owing to “the lack of support and understanding from her guardian,” as well as having to contend with all that came along from very evident financial constraints. She was, however, a sprightly child who exuded confidence and had a knack for self-motivation, traits she has carried along into adulthood and impacted all who come across her path with.

Having a penchant for reading and realizing that nothing was going to be offered her on a silver platter, Stella was determined to turn her narrative around through academic excellence, most notably, during her time at the Nsaaba Presbyterian School, when she was so many miles away from home.

Her desire to succeed was heightened through the various vacation schools she attended. It was through these schools that she realized that she was equally as good as her counterparts from the A-rated schools in Kumasi despite her attending a B-rated school.

Following a stellar performance during the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE), she gained admission to the University of Health and Allied Sciences (UHAS), where she was again excelled in her studies and earned her first degree, with Bachelor of Midwifery.

Health education as a lively passion

During her days at UHAS, she engaged in the buying and selling of garments to augment the source of her educational funding, which was inadequate. This was the beginning of her entrepreneurial journey.

Upon graduation, she was posted to the Shai Osudoku Hospital in Accra or her mandatory year of national service. There, she took delight in educating expectant parents, having realized the rather disturbingly high infant and maternal mortality rates, all the while discharging duties related to labour management.

This passion and the skills required to execute it were further honed during a number of Community-based Health Planning and Services (CHIPS) compounds in and around the Volta Region.

The Health Link Show

The desire continued and has evolved, with a special focus on preventive health and education, culminating in the birth of the Health Link Show. This came after the insistence of a bosom friend, who believed that Stella had the right mix of skill, passion, and experience to put together a very successful and impactful health-centric TV show. She began committing resources towards the show around October of 2018.

Several challenges came along the way in putting this health-education show together, most notably, identifying and attracting the right sponsors, particularly for the very first season. Despite being an uphill task, as she had very little verifiable record in this new venture, she was, through grit, persistence, and a detailed plan, able to secure good sponsorship deals which enabled her to shoot the first season.

The pilot episode aired a year after on October 29, 2019, on GHOne Television. So far, two seasons have been aired on GHOne, with the third season is coming up. Despite ongoing challenges, including signing up sponsors, putting together a production crew, content creation, research, and logistic constraints, Health Link is on course for season three, which will focus on some selected rural communities.
The third season will have the regular health education element, donation of medical logistics, provision of some primary health care where applicable. Additionally, clothing and consumables will also be given to some members of these communities who are impoverished.


The young, yet experienced midwife has been able to impact a lot of lives through her platform as a health educator and promoter, particularly through the show where she has oftentimes had to serve as the sole host, executive producer, marketer, and scriptwriter among others.

Through the success of the show, Stella has been able to legally establish a foundation aimed at supporting individuals and communities with pertinent and pressing health issues.

This is called the Health Link Specialist Foundation. Though this foundation is still in its nascent stage, it has provided logistics, consumables, and funds to support some health-related charitable causes in many communities.

These items include cash, wheelchairs, Zimmer frames, foodstuffs (oil, rice, tomato pastes, etc.), toiletries (soap, detergents, sanitary pads, diapers,), and medical supplies (thermometers, sphygmomanometer, skin creams, medications, nose masks, hand sanitizers etc.).

In prior seasons, Health Link TV show has been sponsored and supported by Nestle Ghana Limited, Moods Condom, M&C Properties, Prince Syrup, Unilever, Pharmanova, BD medical laboratories, and Home fresh foods.

So far, with the production of the third season underway, only one sponsor has come on board, and Health Link is thankful to the management of Serene Insurance for its commitment.

According to Stella Agyei: “We are humbly appealing to other individuals and corporates to come on-board. We are still accepting sponsorship and donations from individuals and companies to enable us to cover costs of production, surgeries, hospital & medication bills, and other unforeseen expenses of some sick people in need of medical attention in this third season.”



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Psalm Adjetefio “TT” blames current predicament on his ex-wife



Veteran  Ghanaian actor, Psalm Adjetefio, popularly known as T.T, has disclosed that all the mishaps in his life are as a result of his ex-wife. (more…)

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Shatta Wale receives birthday shout out from Beyoncé



Self-acclaimed “King of Dancehall”, Shatta Wale has received a special birthday shout out from the Queen Bee herself, Beyoncé. (more…)

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Finance Minister urges Ghanaians to venture into entrepreneurship as gov’t payroll is full



The Minister of Finance Ken Ofori-Atta has revealed that the government’s payroll is full, therefore, the youth must venture into entrepreneurship to boost the economy. (more…)

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Showcasing Ghana To The Rest Of Africa: Alphonse Menyo’s First Short Film “Perceptions” Has Been Selected For Afriff!!!!



From the stables of Nkuluziza Film Productions comes yet another production which has been selected to be screened at the biggest showcase for African films and filmmakers, AFRIFF! Being produced and directed by Alphonse Menyo, “Perceptions” seeks to break the stereotypes many of which have been created through Western film images of Africa. “Perceptions” is the only Ghanaian short film to have been selected to be screened at the 10th Africa International Film Festival which is scheduled to take place from 7th-13th November, 2021 in Lagos, Nigeria.


The director, Alphonse Menyo manages to successfully display Ghana in the beautiful cinematography which seeks to promote the culture and values of Ghanaians to the rest of Africa. The director believes that most people in the society remained unfulfilled in life due to their acceptance to live in another man’s world rather than pursuing their dreams. “Perceptions” seeks to artistically portray the relevance of pursuing after true happiness.


Alphonse Menyo is a Ghanaian born actor/filmmaker and his passion and determination led him to achievements such as Best Actor nomination in the 2020 AMAA Awards, winner of the Best Actor in the 2019 Ghana Movie Awards and the Best Actor at the 2018 Fickn Film Festival. Some of his notable productions include Gold Coast Lounge, Utopia, Black Rose, Freetown among others.

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