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Obrafour says there’s no Ghanaian music industry, set to premier Pae Mu Ka documentary



Legendary Ghanaian rapper Obrafour has claimed that there is no music industry in Ghana as far as he is concerned.

According to him, the right structures needed to make an industry are not in place.

“Where is the industry? I am sorry we do not have anything like that. What we have are music producers, sound engineers, singers and rappers but not an industry so let’s stop saying we have that,” he told Graphic Showbiz recently.

In the view of Obrafour, “there have to be marketing structures, revenue collection structures, firms that are accountable to the artistes and vice versa.

“If anything should happen right now, where or who or which organisation can boldly say, we take full responsibility?” he asked.

Sharing his opinion on artistes signing on other acts, Obrafour said it was a difficult thing to do.

“It is very challenging for an artiste to sign another artiste. It won’t work. You may try, do your best but it won’t work.

“The reason is simple, you two are all fighting for the same spot and who should let go for one to win? I have tried it, I had the likes of Kwaw Kese etc. and at a point, I had to let go,” he explained.

Commenting on why artistes do not stay longer on record labels lately, he said the young acts these days are in a hurry to “blow”.

“Artistes today lack patience to wait and work. They are in haste to break through and if it does not happen as soon as they want it, then there is an issue. But the truth is that, it is not easy to handle the business of a fellow artiste,” he stated.

Obrafour also disclosed that he has not collaborated much with the new crop of artistes because he is particular about the lyrics of songs.

“I get the requests but they do not meet my criteria. I am that person who asks a lot of questions when it comes to lyrics.

“I ask if I would want to hear it in the next 10 years and if it is not good for my consumption, there is no point being on it talk less of putting it out there,” he stated.

However, on the 27th of September, Obrafour will be premiering the much awaited Pae Mu Ka, a documentary telling his 20 year story in the Ghana Music Industry at the Silverbird Cinemas 7 pm, as part of activities to mark this year’s Social Media Week activities in Accra. The documentary throws light primarily on Obrafour’s first album – Pae Mu Ka and on the key happenings in the industry since Obrafuor seminal entry into the Ghana Music Industry.

Source: Graphic showbiz



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