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I am Omolewa Make Up Products Launch In Accra



“I Am Omolewa: Beautiful Inside and Out” event will be held both in Accra and Kumasi , the Accra event is on the 7th of December 2013 at Holiday Inn and Kumasi  on the 14th of December 2013 at the Golden Tulip.   It aims to teach women to cherish their beauty both on their skin as well as on their inside. Speakers for the evening will include Akia Garnett (CEO for Brand builder USA; Author, Speaker, Radio Show Host and Professor of Marketing and Branding). The goal of the event is to help women own the concept of being beautiful and let it radiate to positively improve whatever brand they represent or work for. Akia Garnett will discuss different professional branding topics. Other discussions during the seminar will include topics about Having self-esteem and self-confidence, and how they make one beautiful. We will also include make-up and skin care tutorials for women looking to revamp their everyday look. In addition, we will bring in professionals in the beauty and fashion industry to share beauty insights. Omolewa Makeup is an innovative cosmetics line made for women of all skin types. It is a fashion forward and high performance product line made not only to enhance beauty but also to provide benefits and nutrients needed for healthy skin. We pride ourselves in our high quality, yet very affordable products. Irene  who is also known as  Omolewa is a professional Make-up artist  and  she will be speaking at the event, she has  worked  in commercial prints, high fashion, runways, TV, film, bridal and various special events in Washington DC.  She is a natural born artist who discovered her passion for makeup after years of doing make-up for friends, family, school fashion shows etc. She decided to further educate herself by learning from world renowned makeup artists and taking courses from professional makeup companies.  She also has her own makeup product line called OMOLEWA . Omolewa means a “Beautiful Child” in the Yoruba language, and is Irene’s middle name given to her by her father.  To get tickets for the events Call 0240653191    ]]>

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