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One sham of a campaign, a quick review of #Shampaign

Jaded Renegade

One sham of a campaign, a quick review of #Shampaign

shampaign posterLast week, Sparrow Production started the 7-week showing of its anticipated new political drama series, ‘Shampaign’ at the Silverbird Cinemas in Accra. From last Friday till Thursday, June 9 a total of 13 episodes of ‘Shampaign’ will be showing at the cinemas. Two episodes will premiere every Friday and run throughout the week. I had the opportunity to watch the first two episode on Saturday, and I must say it was intriguing enough for me to want to see more.

With Ghana’s general elections coming up in November, ‘Shampaign’ surely came at the right time, and viewers can have some insight into the shady world of politics – the lies, deceptions, secrets, betrayals and more. Well, from the first two episodes politicians sometimes resort to murder, and surely I hope Ghana’s politics is not there yet, and will never get there.

Naana Bruce Quansah (played by Joseyln Dumas’ is young, beautiful, single mother of an trouble teenage boy, who is seeking the ultimate office in the country. Like Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings or even Akua Donkor, she wants to become the first female President of Ghana. As her campaign gathers momentum and the race for her party’s presidential candidacy gets contentious, the most hardworking campaign team in the country must contend with their own skeletons, that of their candidate and the sham of politics which may well diminish their dream of winning a historical election.

From the first two episodes, I am so far impressed with the storyline and how it was presented. The character flashes before the slots for commercial breaks is refreshing and well done. I also like the fact that we get to see many new faces. I was pleasantly surprised by the acting of some personal friends in there – I didn’t know they had it in them.

Joselyn Dumas plays the role of a strong and driven woman very well but her opponent, played by Charles Kofi Bucknor makes mince meat out her, in terms of executing the role of a politician. Roles like these make me remember why I rate him among the best actors in Ghana (I hope he stays away from the dodgy roles).

I have never given Blossom Chukwujekwu enough chance to prove himself as an actor. I often place him in the stereotypical ‘hey look at me, I am a fly hunk with muscles’ type of actor since his introductory role I saw. But I was pleasantly surprised with his role in Shampaign, he was very ‘method’ and believable – although his role so far shows  elements of the stereotypical Blossom I’ve often seen or pictured.

I will try and make some predictions of future events in Shampaign based on what I have seen so far (and of course the title). I think Naana Bruce Quansah’s campaign for presidency would end up being a a complete sham- a play orchestrated by some bigwigs to frustrate her opponent. The father of her son would end up being someone in the camp of her opposition and Ghana will not see our first female president. Haha….make sure you watch each week and so you tell me i was right or wrong!

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