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Online Cycling is Revolutionizing Fitness in 2023



Online Cycling

Looking for a new way to get fit? Here’s a new trend for you. It is called online cycling and it is made possible with the brand-new virtual reality app called Vingo. Vingo combines social media with virtual reality to give you a stunning experience while you cycle on your training bike at the comfort of your home. Every day thousands of people come into this virtual world from all around the world. You can join them and socialize too.

Easy for All to Cycle & Stick to a Proper Routine

The Vingo app is so easy to use that people across all generations are getting used to it, especially people over 50s and 60s. They find the user interface of the app to be very friendly and consequently have developed their cycling habit inside the virtual world. Further you can do it from your home & stick to the time. The developers of Vingo have made it especially easy for all to cycle through the app. This versatility is what makes the app stand out from other competing apps in the market.

Virtual World Enhances the Cycling Experience

An important reason why the app works is the experience it gives to the users. It transforms indoor cycling into an adventure or even a quest where the user is the main character. You get to choose where you want to cycle and with a push of the button you are transported into a whole new world. Be it the volcanic mountains of Iceland, or the sandy beaches of Hawaii, you can get there and you won’t even have to move a muscle.

Stop Wasting Time in Street Cycling

To use this indoor cycling app you won’t have to invest so much on a training bike. All you need is a regular exercise cycle with Bluetooth connectivity. The app can be paired with the cycle easily and you can start cycling just like that. So, instead of investing heavily on a brand-new sports bike and rushing into the traffic filled outdoors, set up your training bike in a comfortable corner of your home and work-out indoors. This will be way better than any other cardio exercise, we assure you.


Get Fit in an Enjoyable Way with the Vingo App

There are tons of features inside the app too. First, you can create your own account which allows you to create 8 different profiles inside it. You can have one for yourself and share the rest with your friends and family. Next, there is the avatars feature using which you can create your own digital version. This avatar is what you will see as yourself while you cycle inside the virtual world. You can add different costumes, equipment, and even your pet dog to it. There is also a voice chat feature which lets you speak with other users in your vicinity. And, there’s even more.

Some people use Vingo as a running app with their treadmill and go for online running trips in the virtual world. Try it today.

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