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An open letter Nana Akufo-Addo on safety and matters arising



nana addo bola raySir, this is one of the many letters I shall be writing to you in your term as a president. I would kindly crave your indulgence to pay attention to my concerns. I f you so happen to travel out for a national assignment, please advice your handlers to secure your copy. I take opportunity to congratulate you on your resounding victory of the past elections. I reference an article I published in the Daily Graphic on Health and Safety was published on 3, June 2014 titled “Occupational Health and Safety Policy: Some issues”.   At that time, as it is now, there were similar safety concerns with accidents recorded. The then Minister of Employment and Labour Relations promised the passage of the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Bill. As at December last year 2016, Mr. Haruna Iddrissu assured passage of the bill. I don’t know why Government Assurances Committee did not see need to raise issues with him for the untruth. Fact is , the process for this policy started from 2001 and till date has not even received a parliamentary reading. But the chorus has not changed. The current minster, Mr. Ignatius Baffour Awuah, is also making promises on the policy. I checked from the Bills sent for consideration for this parliamentary session and was not part of them. Mr President, I heard that you are meeting your Cabinet on Thursday. As part of the deliberations, the Atomic Junction Gas explosion will feature strongly in the discussions. Knowing you from afar and judging from how you have handled the Galamsey menace with forthright leadership, I will not hesitate about the far-reaching outcomes of the meeting, especially the one on safety issues. I trust it shall be welcome news and one that resonates with all. But please don’t leave me disappointed. The Occupational Health and Safety policy document is still not passed into law. Please give us some timeliness about the passage of it. My research shows that 7% of Ghana’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is spent annually on occupational safety and health issues. This is frightening and we can together do something about reducing this. Sir, I just heard the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Chief Executive say that there is no Law against the sitting of fosil fuel filling stations in the country. In my view, Sir, this is one more reason why we need the OHS policy in place to put the appropriate ground rules for the safety of its citizenry. The positive impact of this policy cannot be overemphasised not only in the aforementioned but will also boost business confidence and becomes an avenue for job creation which your party had it as the title of your manifesto document.   Until we talk again. Thank you. Ebenezer Annang National Service Personnel]]>


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I single-handedly popularized Shea Butter in the United States – Margaret Andega




According to Margaret Andega, a Kenyan entrepreneur in Atlanta, she was the driving force behind the commercialization of Shea Butter in the US during the late 90s. (more…)

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Ludwig Nii Jr urges information sharing in the creative space



Ludwig Nii Jr

Ludwig Nii Jr urges information sharing in the creative space. (more…)

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How are CBD Flowers and CBG Flowers Different?




CBG flower and CBD flower are two types of flowers that are used for their respective health benefits. CBD flowers are known for their calming and relaxing effects, while CBG flowers are known for relieving pain and inflammation.  (more…)

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Your Guide To The “Changing-Color” Gemstone, The Alexandrite



28 alexandrite ring

Alexandrite is one of the rarest gemstones and exhibits colour change with the light source. It is a rare form of chrysoberyl with the chemical formula Al2BeO4. Chrysoberyl is a rare mineral itself, and since the number of chrysoberyl that show colour change is very small, there is a very small chance of finding alexandrite.

It is almost impossible to find two alexandrites showing the same colours under the same light conditions. Some exhibit a shade of green in daylight, while others show a reddish shade under incandescent light. This is why it is described as “emerald by day, ruby by night.”

History of Alexandrite

It is recorded that the first samples of alexandrite were discovered by a Finnish mineralogist, Nils Gustaf Nordenskjold. These were found in Russian emerald mines close to the Tokovaya River in the Urals.

The stone itself is named after the Russian tsar Alexander II. The legend says that the gem was first discovered on his 16th birthday. Because of the vibrant green and red colours that the gem shows, the alexandrite was named as the official stone of the Tsardom of Russia. This was because red and green were the major colours of the old Imperial Russia.

Alexandrites of very high quality are extremely beautiful, and they are hardly used for making jewellery. An in-depth look into antique Russian jewellery may yield results, though, since the best Russian jewellers fell in love with the gemstone.

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George Frederick Kunz, the master gemologist at Tiffany’s, also loved the alexandrite. As a result, a number of rings were made during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Victorian jewellery from England also possessed some small alexandrites.

What is the Meaning of Alexandrite?

Alexandrite is the birthstone for the month of June. According to Russian legends, the wearers will have good luck and good fortune. It is also generally believed that the stone brings excellence by helping its wearer to have concentration, self-control, and discipline.

Alexandrite is associated with the Gemini zodiac sign. It is also known as the “stone of Mercury.” Because it represents the planet Mercury, it is said to possess the healing power of the messenger god.

The gem is also known as a rejuvenating one. It would pick you up if you are feeling down. It is also said to possess emotional healing ability, and be able to provide comfort.28 formation of

How Does Alexandrite Form?

Alexandrite is simply a chrysoberyl. It is a mineral that consists of colourless or yellow chrysoberyl, chrysoberyl cat’s eye, and colour changing alexandrite cat’s eye. It is different from other chrysoberyl because it contains chromium as a major impurity.

The colour-change phenomenon that Alexandrite exhibits is rare because of its chemical composition. It can only be formed when aluminium and beryllium combine with chromium, iron, and titanium. There are rare occasions when vanadium is contained in the make-up.

The probability of chromium combining with aluminium and beryllium under the appropriate conditions to form alexandrite is extremely small. This is a major reason why alexandrite is so rare and valuable.

Alexandrites are now mined in Brazil, Tanzania, India, Myanmar, and Madagascar. Some of the finest stones have been mined in Sri Lanka, including the world’s largest faceted alexandrite which was 65.7 carats.

Recently, lab-grown or synthetic alexandrite became a popular choice for alternative to natural alexandrite. BIRON® Gems is a good place to start with such gemstones. They grow from the same chemical ingredients under the same conditions as the natural counterpart, resulting in more affordable.

The Colour of Alexandrite

Colour change is the main characteristic that differentiates alexandrite from other varieties of chrysoberyl. Although there are other minerals that exhibit colour change, only a few show a clear change in colour saturation like the alexandrite. The colour-change phenomenon that it shows is called the “alexandrite effect.” This unique characteristic makes it very valuable, especially in fine qualities.

The best alexandrites are blue-green, greenish blue, vanadium green, or teal under fluorescent or daylight. They change colour to red or purple-red under incandescent light. The more visible the change in colour and the more vivid the colour, the more valuable the gem.

The colour change effect is because the alexandrite transmits green and red light equally. The light sources (incandescent and daylight) are rich in wavelengths, and this affects the colour of the gemstone.

They are also noted for their ability to show different colours when checked in different directions, which is called “pleochroism.” The pleochroic colours in alexandrite are green, orange, and purple-red.


A natural alexandrite that is transparent, of good quality and has a good colour change can be quite pricey. But if any gemstone is worth breaking the bank for, it is an alexandrite. It is simply a unique and spectacular stone.

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Appzforpc Announces a Blink App for PC



Blink App

Technology is influencing every aspect of human civilization. Security is one of the issues that has received vehement support from technology; the introduction of blink cameras in building security management has been among the greatest breakthroughs in the security docket. Blink cameras have aided in the investigation of gruesome security issues. However, technological advancement has not stopped its influence in most sectors. Blink camera app management has also come.

These are web-based applications that are compatible with mobile phones and used in managing the blink apps. By configuring these apps with personal computers, the house managers and owners can follow the activities recorded by the blink cameras even when they are far from the buildings.

Therefore, it is easier for the managers to track the activities in their houses and buildings for their information. Therefore, on the premises, managers can follow their employees and understand the status of the performance when far away.

Appzforpc site has been unleashing most of the web-based applications that are mobile compatible that add to the convenience of the human lifestyle. The site has announced the release of the blink app for pc used to manage the blink cameras. The site has also unleashed the features of the blink camera app. Among them is the ability to send and receive voices and video recordings with the people ta the premises. Therefore, employees can talk to their managers through a video recording through the blink cameras.

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Managers and building owners have never had an easy time than this before. They can communicate with their employees with video recording through the blink cameras. Additionally, the blink app can also record voice recordings and motions within the premises covered by the blink cameras. It is thus becoming easier for the managers to detect even the slightest occurrences in their premises environments, even when they are far away.

The blink app requires a stable internet connection to send clear video and sound recordings. Therefore, the users are only required to ensure that they have a stable network to access better services with the blink apps. Moreover, the blink apps also have a stylish modern interface that is user-friendly. Therefore, users should not mind the usability of the apps as they are easy to install and use both on the PC and compatible with mobile phones.

The iOS and the android processors can support the blink apps for the user’s convenience. The blink camera app is also compatible with the Siri and Alexa virtual artificial intelligence assistant. Therefore, you can achieve much more with the blink app as it is compatible with most other virtual assistants.

Moreover, the blink app is also capable of tilting, zooming, and also pan. Therefore, the users can also manipulate the blinking camera to ensure they get the maximum coverage view to convince them. Therefore, with the blink app, users can monitor their premises virtually.

In the light of the covid 19 pandemic, the introduction of the blink app for the cameras has been such a breakthrough. When everyone shuts their offices and works remotely, the blink app enables office users to monitor their offices from home. It is essential for the security of the premises.

Additionally, in the case where the managers are working away from the office, they can also be able to monitor the employees remotely. Appzforpc site maintains updated information on the mobile and computer compatible applications that can be used to convince the human civilization. Therefore, users can always find amazing apps on the appzforpc site.  The site is always updated with relevant information for the visitors.


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Novachill Prides the Best Flower Refrigerator in the Market



Picture 1 7

Like most other energy-intensive electrical appliances, Fridges require attention to select and choose. Having the right fridge goes a long way in ensuring that users get the best quality cooling and preservative for their products. Moreover, flowers, like many other fresh products, require effective cooling. Any slight compromise on the quality of the colling can lead to the gem products going bad. Therefore, having the right fridge for the right products is essential. Flower fridges require more space and efficiency. Therefore, clients cannot just use any fridges to tear flowers.

There is a time when the flowers will be ready for harvest but with no immediate market. In such cases, flower farmers and business people would require high-capacity flower fridge to keep the flowers as newly as on the farm. However, these fridges must be energy efficient as they would run on until the flowers are sold. Therefore, Novachill has been in the business for over forty years, providing the best quality flower fridges. The company has established a huge brand name in the market with various fridges. Clients can choose the single, double and triple door fridges depending on their needs. However, each of the fridges from Novachill comes with the same quality. The definition is the capacity only.

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However, the fridges come with a heated door to ensure that the products in the fridges can remain visible as crystals. Therefore, regardless of the fingerprint market and other dirt that can stick to the door, the self-heated doors would clear from time to tie to ensure that visibility is given. The Novachill fridge doors are glass doors to ensure that the produced store is visible. Therefore, the fridges are ideal for flower sellers and supermarkets. Customers can inspect the flowers even without having to open the doors. Nonetheless, if the doors are opened, the self-closing mechanism ensures that there are no leaks in between that can compromise the freshness of the flowers stored therein.

Novachill promises a four years warranty period for all their fridge parts to their customers. They are confident in the products they deliver to their customers. However, the warranty also covered a labor warranty of two years. This means that clients can enjoy agreeing on labor service on the fridges for years. In most of the products sold in the past, most of the warranty goes unclaimed from the quality of the Novachill fridges. Therefore. Clients can be sure that they can bet on the Novachill fridges.

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Additionally, the fridge comes with adjustable metal shelves. This means that users can disorient the arrangement to the pattern that suits them. The adjustable shelves are developed deliberately to ensure that the users can adjust the flowers’ storage depending on the flowers’ sizes. Moreover, the fridges are energy efficient. They are rated as energy efficient by the manufacturer and thus do not consume much power. Users can save more on energy bills with Novachill fridges than from most other electrical appliances.

Novachill provides flexible payments on its products. Clients can choose to make a deposit and complete the rest of the payments in installments. Moreover, they can also get a quote on the fridges online just by completing the online required form. The Novachill fridge site is supported by customer service that is always available. Therefore, if Novachill fridge users develop challenges with their products, they can always communicate and have the repairs done soonest. Users should not worry about the repair of the Novachill fridges they purchase as that is organized by the company regardless of their location.

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